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    Anyone else try this case with the TouchStone? I have noticed the magnet is VERY weak when the case is on and it is fairly difficult to position the PRE without the strong magnet force, pulling the Pre into the proper position. I have also found that the Pre can slide off, even using finger navigation.

    I am going to try adding a magnet to the back of the case and see if that resolves it... I may also add a small lip, towards the top of the case, to prevent it from sliding off the TouchStone.

    I have contacted Seidio and they are investigating, but they stated their testing did not have the same result. I have two cases, both behave the same way.

    Lee Ladisky
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    Ya that's a bunch of BS because I have one too and the magnet is so soft! But at the same time the top half of the case didn't even fit so they are sending me a new one! But I will let you know if that ones any better!
    The Pre does WORK
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    Day three of having mine. I was somewhat happy with it until I droped my phone today. In an attept to catch it I tried to quickly put my handy under it. The part of the case that goes around the screen popped off as the phone bounced off my hand. Lucky for me the back of the phone smacked the tile. The rest of the day every time I'd pull the phone out of my pocket the front would fall off. I also noticed the back made the magnet really weak. I'd wake up in the morning to find my phone had slid off the charger during the night. I give it a big FAIL and will be returning it.

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