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    I *want* a new wired headset for my Pre. One of my motorcycles has a cell phone mount and external speakers, but the other one cannot be set up that way, and I use headphones for background music/nav directions/important phone calls without taking off my helmet when pulled over etc.

    My ears *never* fit normal headphones. Just doesn't happen. The Pre ones work perfectly, but don't stay in my ears, even in the helmet. I have some around the ear headphones from brookstone that work good, but don't have the button/mic to pause/fastforward music or answer calls etc. I went to radio shack and they didn't have anything that would work.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking about stopping by a Verizon store to see if they had the Blackberry 3.5mm stereo headsets to sell separately. The new ones have the rubber plug that goes in your ear, not the crappy circle design. Any reason why the BlackBerry ones with a single button would NOT work like the Pre's to pause/fast forward music?
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    Update: Verizon had a few nice looking headsets. They had the rubber plug type that shoves into your ear, as well as a nice around the ear type. Unfortunately, they were locked on the wall so I could not see if they were 2.5, 3.5, adapter included etc. After waiting 25 minutes for a salesman to help, they didn't have any demo models laying out to see if the buttons operate like the Pre headset, and told me I could just buy it and see that way, with no refunds. Needless to say I can't tell you if the Verizon headsets work or not. They should though, since they are only one button like the Pre headset.

    I ended up at the sprint store. They don't have any rubber plug type headsets, but they did have a hard rubber around the ear type with a button. It is 2.5 and comes with a 3.5mm adapter. The button functions 100%, and once you "twist" the speaker into your earlope properly they stay put very well and are quite loud. The cable is also covered in a fabric type coating, as opposed to the rubber isolation so it should hold up better to the wear and tear of being on a motorcycle. I rode with them for about 45 minutes today and couldn't be happier, although I wish the headset was rubber and not hard plastic. I am not sure if it would stay in my ear as well if it was rubber though. Sound quality on the mic is ... eh. I would say barely acceptable. It echos and a headset or an older Treo The person I was talking to didn't complain, but I could notice the sound funkiness on my end. With that said, I shoved the button/mic piece up next to my mouth into my helmet while riding 35mph and was able to hold a 10 minute conversation without repeating myself.

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