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    Has anyone tried this case or know of a review? I searched the forum and the web and I couldn't find anyone who has actually tried it. Feedback much appreciated!
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    It's weird because this looks like a nice case, but I can't find anyone who has tried it, purchased it, or reviewed it...
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    Way to expensive for a case, if you ask me. Looks nice but I can't handle cases that add a lot of thickness to my devices and this one looks really bulky, IMO.
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    I just got one today. I'm not sure if I'm going to like this case. Why? Although the case is well built, it doesn't really hold the phone in the case all that well. I'm afraid that if you open the case, the phone might flop out and fall to the floor. I'm surprised they didn't come up with a better way of holding the phone in place, especially for the price. I've never spent this much money ($64) on a case and really expected more.

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    I just purchased the Piel Frama red leather case for my Palm Pre. This case had the potential too be the best Pre case out there, for the exception of one major thing, it doesn’t secure the Pre that well. I almost lost my Pre three (3) times already (I had the case for only two (2) days). I clipped the Case on my waist band and went about my business and three (3) times it fell or slipped out of the case on to the ground. I don’t understand what’s causing this; I’m not sure if the
    Magnetic closure is causing the problem or if the weight of the Pre against the flip lid causes it to jump out or if the back of the case which really houses (seated) the Pre doesn’t have a tight enough grip on the unit. Maybe I got a lemon. I need to send this case back for a replacement; I really wanted to love this case, it showcases the Palm Pre so beautifully. I have contacted the company they are sending me out a replacement, I will update forum after I get it. So far great customer service, lets hope the replacement is the answer.
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    Update. I've had the case now for about 2 weeks and it actually has been great. The Pre stays in the case and hasn't slipped out. I emailed Piel Frama and they told me that it's okay to squeeze the case around the keyboard area to make it a snug fit. I had done that already and it hasn't fallen out. In the end, I like the case, but still not sure it's worth the price. PDair has a new case out, but appears to offer very little protection to the sides of the Pre. Hopefully they will come out with a different case. For now, this case is in first place for now.
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    I was very happy with my Sena flipcase for my Treo. I like a holster with quick access to a phone rather than flipping open a case holster and pulling the phone out. I have been tempted to get the Piel Frama for my new Pre.

    But I love the ease of the Touchstone and would like to be able to take the phone out nightly and put it on the Touchstone for charging. I know the Piel Frama holds the Pre inside the case through pressure on the edges. Does anyone know if removing the phone regularly would decrease the capability of the Piel Frama to hold the Pre firmly and safely in the case? It seems to me that it would.

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    I went with the Palm branded side holster case for my Pre, but I have owned several Piel Frama cases for other devices in the past. I have always been extremely happy with their cases.
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    I had this for almost 3 months or so. I love everything about it beside the thickness. However, It is definitely one of the nicest case out there. Down side is, it does not hold the phone well, easy fix: Double sided tape did the trick for me. It is on sale at I totally recommend to anyone who like stylish case and protect the Pre.

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