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    Not sure what I did, but I just got the Pre to charge via the Touchstone while connected to my PC. It would work fine until I lifted the phone off and put it back on. It worked twice in a span of about 30 mins. The 2nd time I let it sit there for about an hour and it charged all the way to the top. My laptop was connected to an outlet in my kitchen. The wall socket has 2 outlets, and the microwave was connected to the outlet beside my laptop's plug. The only factor I can think of is I unplugged the micro and then plugged in a floor lamp, then unplugged that and plugged the micro back in. Then unplugged the micro and plugged an egg beater in, then unplugged that and plugged the micro back in. All while leaving my laptop plugged in. I had my phone sitting on the touchstone while the touchstone was attached to my laptops USB port, ( I forget why I had it set up like that, I think I was about to take the micro usb out of the TS and put it in the side of the Pre, but then I heard the charging notification sound.) I was so confused. Anyway, if people would like me to do some investigating into that specific outlet or if I can pinpoint what was causing this, let me know, otherwise I'll just let it go as a fluke occurrence.
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    Does the USB port have a Lightning Bolt design next to it?
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    the battery icon on the screen had a lightening bolt through it, and it charged significantly while it was docked. It didn't get unusually hot or anything, it seemed as if it was supposed to work like that...

    is that the lightening bolt you were talking about? if not let me know and when I try to reenact this, I'll look out for it.
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    I think USB ports with a lightning bolt icon next to them provide 1000mA of power, which I think would provide enough power for a Touchstone. My laptop's docking station has a lightning bolt on 1 of the 4 USB ports.

    Targus Desktop USB 2.0 4-port hub with audio pass-through :: Description and Usage ::
    Scroll down about 60% down

    You will notice that two of the USB ports have a lightning bolt symbol next to them. One port is on top and one is on the side. This shows which of the two USB ports are "high power" and can be used for high-speed applications such as DVD burners, external hard drives, etc. These two ports are also "always on" so that even when you power down your PC or laptop, you can still have power to peripherals that need to charge up such as iPods, PDAs, phones, etc. The "high power" ports provide up to 1000mA, or 1 Amp, of continuous power.
    The lightning bolt on my laptop's docking station looks like the one in this image

    This PDF on says that "High Power" USB ports with a lightning bolt offer 1000mA:
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    i see, no, my usb port does not have a lightening bolt, its just an ordinary HP laptop, which is weird, could the extra energy output be coming from that one particular outlet? I always thought this apt was a little strange!
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    What model HP laptop do you have?
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    I have an HP EliteBook 8730w. None of the USB ports appear to have the lightning bolt, but the docking station DOES. I don't own a Touchstone to be able to test the ports.

    You could try to test it; charge your phone for 10 minutes in one and see what % increase there is, then swap to another port for 10 minutes.

    I just set the stopwatch homebrew app timer to 10 minutes on the Lightning Bolt port (docking station) @ 73%. I'll try it on the laptop ports next.

    5% increase in 10 minutes on Lightning Bolt USB Port, 73%-78%
    5% increase in 10 minutes on Laptop USB Port, 78%-83%
    5% increase in 10 minutes on Docking Station "Data" USB port (looks like a HDD icon next to port) 83%-88%

    Conclusion: If the Lightning Bolt DOES provide more power than a standard USB port, shouldn't it charge faster? Unless all ports are actually 1000mA.
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    Usb port with lightning bolt means you can charge your devices from usb port while laptop is turned off.
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    I had the same issue,now I am clear
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    I had the same result as the original poster. Unplugging a device (in my case, computer speakers) from the same surge protector, and plugging them back in causes the touchstone to start charging from the pc's usb ports. Makes me wonder of the quality of my surge protector.
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    I would be more worried about the quality of my USB hub. The USB spec sets each USB to have at least 500mA of available power. I have measured the Touchstone amp draw to vary between 500mA and 1000mA with it usually hanging around 700mA.

    You have 2 situations where the touchstone would work on a USB hub (weither internal or external).

    1) The good situation would be your USB manufacturer made the ports so they could draw more than 500mA (seems a few posters here are in this situation).

    2) The bad situation could be the manufacturer used a spotty circuit breaker to prevent devices from drawing more than 500mA.

    In situation 1, you'll never need to worry about anything and everything will continue and work normally.

    In situation 2, you may fry various parts of your USB hub eventually.

    I've been in situation 2 more than once when a wire in a keyboard cable would short causing more than 500mA's to be drawn. I have only fried external hubs when accidentally overdrawing the current. The internal hubs on a compaq, an HP, and a Dell have all seemed to work as expected. My desktop USB circuit breaker tripped when I tried to use the touchstone.

    PS I now use wireless keyboards
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    I am now watching my Pre charge on a touchstone connected via usb to my work computer (I know, I know).

    Following instructions I simply connected the touchstone to the computer, placed my phone on it, then unplugged my speakers from my powerstrip (that the pc shares) and voila! There is no mistaking it. A lightening bolt on the battery icon, the phone is displaying the time and everything.

    But besides being reeaaalllyy weird, this is kind of concerning. Are there wattage issues that could be damaging my phone or touchstone? Why else would Palm restrict (or so they thought) connectivity with a PC?
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    Oh... I suppose I got so excited that I didn't read the post above mine.

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