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    When I bought my Pre, the sales guy sold me on a pair of Altec Lansing 903 Backbeat bluetooth headphones. I like these way better than any pair of earbuds I've ever had--they're my first bluetooth headphones.

    BUT--when I'm playing music through these headphones, which I pretty much only use when I'm running or riding the subway to work, I get a stutter at times. It definitely seems worse when I'm walking, running, or when I'm riding the train--I'm listening to them now as a trial while sitting on the sofa and I can't reproduce it.

    I tried it once on Pandora after I'd been having problems with the playback from the on-board music I loaded up. I couldn't get it to reproduce the problem in Pandora, switched back to music player and the problem came back.

    The stutter is very annoying, especially when I'm running--hard to get a good rhythm going when the song keeps cutting out. Is anyone else having this issue? Anyone with bluetooth experience know if this is more likely to be a problem with the phone or with the headphones?
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    I'm getting the same problem! It's fine when i'm at the office and it has a clear line of sight.. but if it's in my pocket and i'm walking around (it's worse outside) it stutters and stutters with my backbeat headphones. Do you think it's the headphones or the pre or the combination? Need to do some negative tests with other headphones to find out....
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    I am using the Backbeat 903 and having similar issues. The headphones are great, I love them, but using them with the Pre has been trying at times. Still experimenting with mine to see if I can isolate the problem. Some days I experience less stutter than others - today I had almost no stutters at all while listening to music at the gym. But most days I have frequent stuttering. Good to know I'm not the only one, but I sure hope I can figure this out!
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    I don't know where the receiver is on the Backbeat, but try switching up where you put the Pre. For example, if you put it in your right pocket, try your left. The receivers in these portable bluetooth receivers are so sensitive sometimes the fact the signal is traveling through a part of your body is enough to screw things up.
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    same issue for me im going to try another set
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    Glad to know I'm not alone! Anyone have multiple sets of phones they can try?

    On my run today, I found that pandora was skipping too, so it's not just the music player.

    I run with the phone in my left hand and the dog's leash in my right, so i'm not sure how much better I could make the line of sight.

    I might try replacing the headset or see if sprint has any other suggestions. If anyone has luck with switching the phone or headset please post!
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    Good to know it's not just me!

    When at home and walking around they work great. But when out and about and the Pre is not sitting stationary on a counter, I have similar issues. And as others have posted it doesn't consistently happen.

    Otherwise love the headset.
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    That's the thing. I don't know what side (or both) the receiver is on the Backbeat. Maybe it's on the other side of your head than the phone. You can try switching the dog and the Pre.

    The further the distance, the more space the signals have to go around things.
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    but then the dog is close to traffic. If I drop the pre and it gets run over by a bus, I have insurance. If the dog stepa out into the street and gets hit by abus, my girlfriend will kill me! Plus, if the headphones are that sensitive to reception, I think it's an issue and i'll return them.

    Called sprint. They said to take the phone in to the store for some kind of hardware test. will post my results.
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    walk backwards.
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    I have had 2 Backbeat 903's and they work fine indoors. Love it. Outdoors they are just aweful...the sound cuts out.
    I determined that I can run with them yesterday as long as I hold the Pre in my hand. I guess if I get an arm band holder thingy (recommendations welcome) I can put it around my bycep, cut the circultation off to my arm, but get constant sound.
    I also called Altec Lansing but they were useless!!!
    I have no other bluetooth devices to test outdoor use. Any other suggestions?
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    I noticed the same issue just today with these headphones.
    Same deal, inside they work great, when I'm outside no such luck.

    I noticed with me it's when I'm in direct sunlight.
    If I'm in the shade it's fine, walk in to the sun and get studder.
    I don't know enough about Bluetooth technology to know if that makes sense, but regardless I've tested it and can recreate it every time.

    I cary my phone in a hip case, if I hold it up in my hand it works fine... seems pretty weak.

    I checked with my coworker, who has the same headphones, and she has the same exact problem with her iPhone 3G, so it's not the phone.
    I have another pair of headphones at home, I'll try testing tonight.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UncaAndoo View Post
    I don't know where the receiver is on the Backbeat, but try switching up where you put the Pre. For example, if you put it in your right pocket, try your left. The receivers in these portable bluetooth receivers are so sensitive sometimes the fact the signal is traveling through a part of your body is enough to screw things up.
    Yep! Love these headphones and have the same exact issues. Inside stationary-fine. Outside moving-stuttering. As UncaAndoo said, try switching the side you carry your phone around. When I ride my bike I usually carry the pre on my right side using a belt clip. Stutters like crazy! I switched over to the left side and it significantly reduced the stutter but did not go away. Since I usually ride with a backpack, I decided to clip the pre to the right front strap of the backpack just above my right! No more stuttering! So maybe the signal having to go through body parts is the issue! My son has the Motorola S9 HD headphones and experiences the same problem. Since he doesn have a belt clip, I told him to put his pre in the top pocket of his backpack closest to where the S9 has its BT receiver in the back on the neckband between the earpieces. No more stuttering for him as well.
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    i have a blackberry storm and the Palm Pre and had the same issues that you guys are describing with BOTH phones...

    so the Pre is not the problem in this case..
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    I have the BB903 and have the same problem. When the phone is not in the line of sight. 3he receiver is the left ear piece. I suspect it is the headset, because I,ve had various connection problems, especially bluetooth 2.1 to 2.1.
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    Have this same problem, it does seem to be related to being outdoors for me. I work on a university campus, and when I'm inside buildings I can move all I want and it doesn't cut out. At home I've used the headset in different rooms from the phone. But as soon as I'm walking along outside it cuts out near constantly. I think it might have to do something with the additional radio noise that gets blocked out by buildings but is present outdoors. Maybe something AL didn't test for.... I usually listen to podcasts and audiobooks so mono isn't too annoying, if the stuttering gets really bad I just let the left earpiece hang and that usually clears the reception right up.
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    Just an update-

    After multiple trips to the Sprint stores and several very long phone calls with customer service types, I finally got to an upper-level customer service guy. He hadn't heard of this particular issue before but said that often these kind of things were software issues that sometimes were cured by firmware upgrades. But I'm going to try a new pair of headphones anyway--just have to find a chance to get to the store.

    I've been able to successfully pair the phone to the Ford Sync system with no stuttering issues or other issues, so I don't think it's the phone. And I've tried every permutation of carrying it around that doesn't involve me wearing a backpack when I run, with no luck--right hand, left hand, etc.

    I run with the screen turned off, so hopefully any contact with the screen isn't causing the issue, and this also happens when I'm walking around with the phone in my pocket. I like my setup just fine and don't want to have to buy any new devices holsters or hard cases or anything like that.
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    I'm on my second pair of these headphones and really love them when they work. Both of them that I've had die and I can't get the LED to come on anymore without plugging them in. It's like the battery won't take a charge anymore.

    I had the same issues as most others outdoors. I actually figured it was related to streaming or network issues, rather than bluetooth problems.
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    You have to have the Pre on your left side. The instruction manual that you can download from the Altec Lansing site indicates this. The receiver is on the left side. I went on my normal 2 mile run and had no problems. The only thing I noticed is when I turn my head to the left, the sound cuts out. Also, when I look down. Other than that, no problems.
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    I know it sound ssilly, but try putting the pre in your BACK pocket...

    works for me w/ other headphones.
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