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    You have to have the Pre on your left side. The instruction manual that you can download from the Altec Lansing site indicates this. The receiver is on the left side. I went on my normal 2 mile run and had no problems. The only thing I noticed is when I turn my head to the left, the sound cuts out. Also, when I look down. Other than that, no problems.
    I do run with these in my left hand exclusively, and I generally keep my phone in my left pocket. And if the receiver is so poor that you can't look down or move your head without compromising sound quality, is that really acceptable?

    I took back my first set and they swapped them out. The second set seemed almost worse when I was riding my bike around the store as a trial (phone in left front pocket). I went back to the store and they insisted that I take it home and fully charge it--haven't yet had a chance to really put it through its paces but I'm leaning towards just getting my money back and running with wires the old-fashioned way.
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    I am looking to buy these headphones and want to know if I should now based on the problems reported. I do NOT plan to run or use them outdoors much, mostly want them for listening to radio and watching movies indoors or while driving (music / Phone). I assume they would work great with no issues for my intended application.
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    I logged a good hour running with the replacement set fully charged yesterday. They sucked at the beginning and end but were actually OK for about 30 minutes in the middle. But I'm still going to take them back.

    If you're just going to be sitting there, then sure, give them a shot. They're nice headphones, although the bluetooth will kill your battery pretty quickly and for sitting at home you will want your phone on a charger. I question the safety of driving with headphones, maybe it's better to buy a car radio that accepts bluetooth and get the full hands-free experience?
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    I don't think it would matter which pocket you put the phone in. It isn't a laser gun pointing in only one direction. It is Bluetooth. This sort of technology is in its infant stages.
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    Its not just the Pre or the Backbeat. I have the Plaintronics 590 as well as the Motorola S9. I had the same problems with them as well. Not only that but the problem was the same with an HTC Mogul, an Instinct and an UpStage. It appears its a bluetooth theory is the RF but not sure on that...I went out and got an armband thing for a IPOD Touch and it works (kindof tight but functional) skipping or cutting...
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    I have the 903 and have found it to be terrific bluetooth device
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    Hmm I also have the 903 and havent had any problem with it, works great when i'm out biking or riding with my son on motorized foot scooters no stutter or cut out

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    I've been using my third BackBeat 903 headset for 4 weeks now, after two prior manufacturer returns for power button issues. I haven't had any problems and still feel this is the most user friendly BT stereo headset on the market. My only performance gripe is the microphone performance requires an elevated voice. I wish they would integrate some bone conduction techonology to compliment the noise reduction and help enhance the outgoing voice signal. Another nice feature would be to have an attachment option to use more passive sound isolating ear canal buds.
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    oh no, i should have seen these before i ordered a 903, i have had s9 and it has the stutter problem, anyway, i will try 903 to see if i am lucky.

    edit: just got it, i still have to put my pre into my left side buttock pocket to keep the signal strong, but at least it won't stutter no matter how i turn my head left-right-up-down, a little bit better than moto s9.
    unfortunately, the sound quality is not as good as s9, maybe i should change the plastic ear pieces to improve it? anyone tried this before?
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    Here's my analysis of the stuttering issue: I use them cycling and like to keep the Pre in a small plastic bag (REI zip-lock utility bag that's just the size of the Pre) so it doesn't get wet from my sweat. Stuttering is minimized when I have the Pre on my left side and when the bottom of the Pre is facing the headphones. This suggests that the BT antenna is located near the bottom of the Pre and the Backbeat antenna is on the left side. Also, there's less stuttering when I don't use the plastic bag which means the plastic attenuates the BT radio signal.
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    at least the Pre doesn't reset like it used to with my old Treo 755p when I get the stuttering.

    My issue with it right now is that I cannot seem to get the fit in my ear that I like... I guess I got used to mt old Motorola s9's lock into my ears.
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    I agree with drmarolf, though I found out through trial and error that the headset works best with the Pre on my left side.
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    nice post.........
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    i just bought this last night, primarily for working out in the yard and walking the dog. I hate having a cord hanging from my ear. can't even count how many times i've pulled the earpice off from getting caught up in the cord.

    I should get to use it a lot this weekend.

    I really hope it doesnt get the stutter. for 80.00 that's not at all acceptable and i'll take it back.

    EDIT: used it walking the dog. very bad skipping when it was in my front pocket, no skipping when it was in my back pocket. not ready to decide if i keep it or take it back. it is very comfortable to wear so i am hoping i find it doesnt skip more often than not.
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