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    Alright, here's a diagram I threw together really quick. I really think this is a great DIY solution to use the Touchstone dock in your car while having the Seidio Innocase on your Palm Pre.

    Diagram Explained.

    1. Buy a Palm Pre Clip case. Cut a whole in the Clip Case where the Palm Touchstone back magnets would be.

    - Remove the piece.

    2. Angle the Clip Case so it will be flush with the touchstone dock.

    3. Place the touchstone dock flush in the hole that you cut. Use some strong adhesive and wait a day for it to settle.

    When all is done, mount the touchstone dock with the clip case attached in your car.

    When finished you should be able to set the Palm Pre in the clip case and the magnetic touchstone back on the pre will be lined up perfectly with the touchstone charger dock.

    You just set it in there and ding!!! It charges. When you get out of the car, take it out of the clip case holster thing....


    I think this solution would definitely work. I could definitely make this thing solid!

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    From my experience, the Seidio holsters are designed so that the phone can only fit face in.
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    Okay, that might be a problem... ha.

    Well, then we need to find a clip hoster where the pre can fit face out!
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    Or if you use a seidio clip and remove the top tab..with the shape of the pre maybe the bottom tab will still let it sit in facing outwards. This way you still have something supporting it from dropping down and the magnet of the touchstone should take care of the rest.
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    That's a good idea. I mean, whatever the case may be... he he he. the case will need to be modded. so, it can be modded to fit the palm facing outwards i'd assume.

    Should we try this people!?
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    im lookin to buy an metal plate so i can put between the innocase and the back cover
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    I just used a simple metal bracket in my Jeep went on a 3hr oneway road trip Phone never budged off the touchstone.

    In my Company van I use a HockeyPuck in a cup holder both of these sit at a great angle and within easy reach .
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    I just routed out the back of my Seidio Innocase with my Dremel. A round hole exactly the size of the TS and at exactly where the strongest magnetic hold was both landscape and horizontal. My findings are as follows: The phone holds solid, both in my TS at home and in the one mounted in my car... even more solid than without the routed-out Innocase: it seems that the extra support of the edges of the case has made the magnetic grip even more secure, since its keeping it at its strongest magnetic hold. I drove around like a madman in my Jeep Grand Cherokee at an empty parking lot, swerving as hard as I could and slamming on the brakes. The Pre never budged. Other things in my car that (I thought) were more secure did and flew around a bit, but the Pre held strong. I know the picture doesn't look all that great, but it's showing all the flaws much more than the case does in real life... the back is still smooth, it doesn't catch on anything (I smoothed the edges out with the dremel as well) and it looks good. I really don't know why Seidio didn't fabricate them like this to begin with.
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    I really do look how clean that looks in the Grand. For whatever reason I don't drive my Grand that much anymore so I haven't really looked to hard for a solution for it yet.

    What Holder is that you have the TouchStone on is it one of those ones that you can buy different attachments for and they are custom for each vehicle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s1374537 View Post
    I just routed out the back of my Seidio Innocase with my Dremel...
    Nice work - I was thinking about doing the same thing when I order my case
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    ImNoPrince, it's a ProClips mount specific for the Grand Cherokee, you can buy all kinds of attachments, but I'm just using the plain solid surface. I used Velcro to attach the Touchstone, with the soft surface on the TS... this way, I can remove it and use it at work if need be.

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