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    Thanks for the video..
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    I hope this is the leader of the site who posted this. Let me tell you about my experience with foreverfitter. After 1 order, TERRIBLE. I saw some good reviews on the screens with some complaints but it was worth it for the price. I purchase 4x anti glare screen shields for my palm pre. 2 weeks go by and still no delivery. I message the seller labeled urbanmonkey. It says there will be an answer within a business day. No answer for a week. I sent 3 more over the next week. Still not 1 answer. I then decide to call the customers service #(323) 881-9202. It rings and then says the line has been disconnected. ***!!. I then email the official site email. Still no reply. After a few days I decide to call the cust. service # again. This time someone with a spanish accent picks up and tells me I have the wrong #. This is all insane. This is my last resort...the forums and im seriuosly copying and pasting this message all over palm pre forums to let people know to not order from this site. It is seriously like a scam. I just want my screen protectors, thats it. Foreverfitters if you want to contact me to resolve my order email me.
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    One of the tabs broke, second day of use, don't waste your money on this.
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