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    Anomoly probably not the right word, but I have paired the Pre with my Garmin Nuvi 760 for car hands free. And irt works well.

    And I haven't had any issues with using the phone outside the car using the earpiece and microphone.

    But every once in a while I try to use the phone outside the car in usual "phone to the ear" mode and it's still in blue tooth mode. I found the icon that lets you select between earpiece, speaker and bluetooth, and once you know this happens you can reset the mode, but I'm puzzled why sometimes it shifts out of bluetooth mode just fine and I have to do nothing to use the phone normally and other times it acts like it is still connected to the car when in fact it's not.

    I have unpaired and repaired the units and it's still happening, and yes it could be the Garmin is the bad boy here, so thought I'd ask around. See if anyone else has seen this.

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    Moved thread to Bluetooth Forum because the thread is to:
    Discuss Bluetooth accessories and the Palm Pre

    - Craig

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