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    One feature I miss on the Pre is voice command.

    My Blackberry 8300 and the Motorola before it both had this feature.

    I notice there are some files in /etc/audio on the phone that mention voice dialing, I wonder if it'd be possible to enable this feature, or code the feature with the use of these files if it doesn't exist...
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    As been said before, it is likely to come out at some point in a future update for the phone.. Either from Palm or a 3rd party. Just wasn't ready by the time the phone was released.
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    well i hope it come thats a handy one
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    I have no doubt it will be activated. Contrary to what others may say, I found it very useful and used it alot in all my previous phones. Still love my pre though...
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    I miss voice dialing every single day...I nearly gave back my Pre but have decided to take a leap of faith under the assumption that, long term, NO phone will be lack voice dialing
    Rock ON!
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    I believe that the feature will soon come via a Palm update. Not sure when.
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    Would love to see this feature...
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    I'm sure we'll see it. I have a sneaking suspicion that we didn't get it yet because they're going beyond simply 'Voice Dialing' and doing 'Voice Control' like the iphone 3gs has.

    Well, one can hope anyway.
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    My very first phone had this, and that was almost ten years ago. So I really wouldn't mind using this again. Back then I only called two numbers and used it for those two...

    Simpler times, I didn't pay the bill either.
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    I'm currently using my pre with a ford focus rental car that has the Ford sync. Once I paired my pre with the sync bluetooth , it uploaded my pre phonebook. Now I can use the ford sync voice command while I'm driving..
    The ford sync system works excellent...
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    Yeah, it's something I miss every day -- especially since the pre is so ticklish on the dialer. I'm forever hitting the wrong button or disconnecting someone when picking it up. I used my it on my previous phone all the time and didn't realize the pre wouldn't have voice until I was making out the check. And I wanted the new toy. I'm not always sure I made the right decision -- and then I check the filecoaster for new apps, and I'm happy again
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    Still no word on the update of the voice dialing?

    How often does and update come out from Palm, or is there no realy way to know?

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