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    I know others have posted their experience with the BoxWave Crystal clear screen protector but I didn't see anything that would have made me feel one way or another about purchasing this accessory so I thought I would share my story.

    First, I purchased a Best Skins Ever skin thinking that I would like to protect both the face and back of my Palm Pre. After applying the skin to the screen, I decided to wait to apply it to the Touchstone back. Well, I never got to doing the back. The skin lasted about 3 days before I couldn't take the "tackiness" and peeling edges. I felt it made my Palm Pre look old and battered.

    I lived for a few more weeks without any sort of screen protection. I didn't find that the Pre was that susceptible to scratches as long as you handled it properly. I carried mine in my pocket by itself and always with the screen facing in towards my body.

    While I didn't care much to protect the screen, the smudges on the Pre drove me absolutely insane! I had to find something that would resist smudging! I made a post asking if anyone knew of an oleophobic spray or screen protector and got nothing. I asked my optician if he knew of any treatments that could be applied like they do on anti-glare glasses. No luck either.

    I bit the bullet and purchased a 3-pack bundle of the BoxWave Crystal clear screen protectors and here are my thoughts. One for mine and one for my wife's Pre.

    Package Contents
    I received three complete packages that each include the following:
    1) Crystal clear screen protector
    2) Microfiber cleaning cloth
    3) Piece of small cardboard which they call the "applicator card"

    Bonus! Each package contains 2 screen protectors.

    1) They recommend wiping the Pre of all smudges and dust prior to installation. While the explicitly say NOT to use cleaning solution, I cleaned my with Windex before using the microfiber cloth to buff away all remaining smudges and dust.
    2) Remove plastic backing from adhesive side of screen protector
    3) They tell you to remove plastic backing from front of screen protector before applying, but I kept it on as I positioned it on the screen.
    4) I used my fingers to smooth out large bubbles and then removed the 2nd protective sheet
    5) They tell you to place the microfiber cloth over the screen protector and squeegee out the bubbles. I used the microfiber cloth and my fingernail (thumb) to push small bubbles to the edges. The applicator card is worthless in my opinion.

    1) There is slight distortion where I used my fingernail the hardest to try to push an air bubble to the side.
    2) There is a greenish/pinkish sort of "oil on water" glare when held at extreme angles and looking towards a light.
    3) The screen protector is just ever so slightly tackier than having no screen protector. It is NOTHING like the Best Skin Ever. No orange peel either.
    4) The screen protectors are slightly different from one another. The one I installed on my wife's Pre extends more towards the top of the screen and has a full cut-out for the earpiece. The one I applied to mine, only covers about 3/4 of the earpiece
    5) This was about 10x easier to install than the Best Skin Ever and I didn't have to soak it in soapy water. That really made me nervous! I didn't have to wait 24-48 hours to use my phone again.
    6) The screen is definitely MORE smudge resistant! Smudges are removed with a single swipe on a t-shirt as opposed to the obsessive buffing I previously had done.
    7) Aside from the slight tackiness, the screen is just as responsive as before.

    I hope that someone found this review to be helpful. I haven't had the screen protector on for too long, but already I am much happier with this over "Cover it all" skin approach. The screen is still very sharp and the screen protector is barely noticeable. Unless you have more than 2 Pre's to protect or you must have the screen protector that covers the additional 1/8" at the top (on each phone), I don't recommend you buy the 3 pack bundle. I have 2 additional 2 packs for sale if anyone is interested! I will sell them for $10 shipped to anywhere in continental US.

    Pics with the screen protector installed.
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    I have the Boxwave Crystal on the Pre since the protectors were released. I went on real easy, but I have used Boxwave before and know exactly how to put them on easy. I did try one of those other screen protectors first, Bodyguardz, and hated it. It was too hard to put on, especially when I don't have steady hands, but the Boxwave was easy, and actually, I think the gesture are and screen flow better with the Boxwave on then if it was off. I do wish the screen protector went higher up on top, and a little lower on the bottom, to give it a little more coverage, but overall I like it.
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    I like the review.
    I agree with everything. I've used them before for my previous PDA and Centro.
    The previous ones were "crystal" clear.

    This one does have the "oil-on-water" effect you mention and I have no idea why. I can see it when the phone is off and only if I look at the right angle when it's on. In regular use, I never notice.

    As for the feel, it's pretty close to seamless for me
    Palm V -->m505 -->Tungsten T3-->T5->Centro-->Pre!

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