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    So I was leaving for a trip in a few weeks and wanted to play my music over the radio from my Pre much like you can with Ianything with an adaptor. I went on Ebay and found one in the picture below. I was pretty skeptical since it was only $6 but it did better than I thought. Here's a review on it:

    (Cliff Notes at the bottom)

    Once the device was plugged into the cigarette outlet it was automatically on. You can set the station to whichever works best in your area. I had it on 107.9 and it worked great until I drove into a city with a strong radio station on that frequency but I just changed the station and it worked great. There are a few different ways to play music through this device. The first way is that you can plug a sd card into it and it does play the music. Only plays mp3's though so if you have any files in wma or what not then its a no go. Next option is that you can plug in a flash drive and play music also. The other way is a 2.5 mm jack on the side. It does come with a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable adapter so no problems there.

    The first way I tried it was through the 2.5mm jack on the side. The audio cable is a stereo instead of a mono so the music sounded pretty good. Only problem I found in my car was that if the phone or that cable was messed with it did cause a little static but, when I used it in my fiance's car no static at all. Another problem was that if you had the volume turned up all the way on the pre then the sound was a little static. 2 lower on the volume did the trick. The other way I tried was through the USB port on the front. Now when you plug your phone you are given the options like on a computer to either connect USB drive, Media Sync, or Just Charge. If you choose either USB Drive or Media Sync it does the same thing. When you are in either mode you will not be able to receive phone calls but the sound is the clearest. The nice thing was that when I did have it plugged in this way you can use the supplied remote to skip songs. The con was that the first sounds played are your ringtones then your music.

    All in all for the money spent it did better than I thought. On another note I did try and charge the phone while listening to music through the 2.5mm jack and given it slowed down the battery drain it did not charge it. Was the purchase worth it? I think so for the time being until someone creates one specific for us. Any questions about it let me know. I've been messing with it for the past couple of weeks now. The pic of it is below and I bought it from this guy on ebay: topkoo
    Thanks for looking.

    (Cliff Notes)
    1) Plays MP3's through either audio jack on side, flash drive, SD Card, or Pre connected through USB cord
    2) Can use the remote to skips songs when using either flash drive, SD Card, or Pre connected through USB cord
    3) Easy to use and understand
    4) Really inexpensive way to listen to you music in the car
    5) Audio cable supplied is a stereo instead of mono

    1) Can't have the volume all the way up on Pre when using the audio jack
    2) If phone is connected through USB cord it doesn't really charge phone, just slows down the battery drain
    3) Will not play any other music files, only MP3's
    4) Audio cable supplied is really short / Product_picture / car_acc/car-mp3-V8T/car-mp3-V8T.jpg
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    I've been using one I got at Best Buy. It works great in the truck I drive for work and it has a built in 1000mA USB port so it charges the battery while playing, but I do need to adjust the frequency once in a while. It doesn't work very good in my car though, but my car has a tape player so I just use a tape adapter. I think the difference is the antenna location. In my work truck the antenna is up fron so the transmitter is only a couple feet away, but in my car it's in back by the trunk.

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