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    What do I need? Can I hardwire the charger directly to the car or do I need to hardwire a cigarette socket then plug the charger in?
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    This would be great if a pro electrician would step in and answer this!
    I know we would need some kind of fuse between the 12v wire and the pre.
    We will also need and extra cable to cut and use the negative and positive wires to hook to the car wires. That's all I know......
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    Well if it was me I would get an Inverter and hard wire that in first then just plug the OEM charger into that .

    Now if that's not the route you want to take then get an Extra 12V socket hard wire that in behind the Dash . I would use Radio connectors or just tap right into the 12V plug that's there.

    Then get a 12V 1amp car charger and plug that in . make sure you put it somewhere that you can get to incase the fuse does blow but it can all be up under th dash or behind the glovebox.
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    I would use a high power 7805 regulator to step down 12-15V to 5V. I would apply filtering to both input and output. In a T-03 package, this can handle 1.5 A current just fine. Being a linear regulator, it isn't as efficient as a switching design, but much more so than an invertor to 120V AC and back.
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    or do I need to hardwire a cigarette socket then plug the charger in?
    That would be the way I would go. Just make sure that the charger really can supply 5V @ 1A.
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    My stereo guys have an elegant easy solution. I saw how they did it, when I pulled out the power for my Satellite radio.. they used the 12v adapter that came with the unit (in this case, they used the Palm adapter... soldered a positive lead onto it, and the negative lead.. covered the end up with electrical tape (so it was "sealed"), then wired it into the existing wiring. Works like a champ.

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