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    Ugh - that stinks... But thanks for the info.

    What headset did you choose instead? I'm still looking for a good over-the-ear alternative like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by bryanharig View Post
    It is an issue with the B&O Earset 2 unfortunately. It suffers from a known issue with the iPhone 3G S, Palm Pre and a few other newer devices where it spontaneously loses its pairing with the phone.

    I had to pass up a very good deal on one recently because of it.
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    Kept using my Plantronics Voyager Pro. B&O acknowledge the issue with the iPhone 3G S and say they are working on a fix. I dont think anyone there even knows what a Pre is, but as the issues seem identical to those the iPhone 3G S suffers from one would hope a fix for one will be a fix for both.

    The Earset 2 will need to be flashed to a new software version when they do release a fix, so hopefully you are near one of their stores!
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    New member and using this as my first post because i just wanted to say thank you so much for posting fallow up info. ( oh yeah i do hope to stick around.)

    Anyways i bought a bluetooth Hemlet and i was getting aggrivated because everytime i would put my pre in my pocket it would start cutting out. this being the first time to use bluetooth on my phone i was thinking since it's a relatively new maunfacture to street helmets that is was the helmet not the phone. so it is good to know that many others are having the same issue as me when it comes to the BT on the Pre. i can get maybe two feet away before it starts skipping. when it's next to my helmet it works perfect.
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    **Edit - The issue below totally went away after i had my Pre replaced by Sprint (power button on the old one had failed). The bluetooth range still isn't great but at least it is performing as it was when I bought it and it can go for a ride in my pocket during a run without audio skipping.

    Out of nowhere I've started having the bluetooth skipping problem when my Pre is in my pocket playing music during a run. It just goes horribly choppy, and only is resolved if I hold it in my hand during the run. Since June I have been using the Pre in my pocket during a run without this problem, but 4 days ago it started becoming super choppy. I've tried everything (including webOS doctor), the headsets work fine with other devices. Palm technical support was no help (they tried to lean on incompatibility, yet both bluetooth devices I've been using have been working fine.
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    I am using the Sony DS980 bluetooth headset and it skips every second or two and the sound is horrible.

    I have no problems with other phones. Only the Pre has this problem.

    I am using the German Palm Pre (O2).
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    I think the problem is not hardware related. It is impossible that people who had his problem when the pre first released and the problem still exists today. If it was a hardware problem then the new batch wouldn't be still having the problem.

    I think it is a software or firmware problem. We will need to inform Palm about it.
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    I am also having problems with blue-Tooth on my Pre with my Jawbone Prime...

    It works Good with my friends pre but on mine just being on my hip it will crackle and drop out from time to time its annoying as hell...

    I have tried 7 headsets jawbone being the best but still not good enough i am going to take my pre back to sprint and get a new one...

    On the back of the phone you can see 3 copper antennas one on the bottom one on the upper right and one on the upper left... Which one is the blue-tooth?

    I am thinking of trying to stick one of them cell signal booster strips over it and see what that does....

    You think that would help at all?
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    My blue-tooth on my Palm Pre is awesome. I can walk all around my house and still get a good connection. But my Wife's Palm Pre if you walk 2-3' away it skips. So it is not interference. And it should not be firmware, as we both have WebOS So must be phone hardware on her phone. Her phone is pretty new, mine is an original one. She does not really use blue-tooth much and for in car hands free devices probably not a problem because the Pre is close to car blue-tooth speaker, so I probably not going to return. But even thought it is not my phone it bothers me.
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    My BT works great with my Altec Lansings BackBeats 903's and I am really happy with the sound quality. The range is around 30 feet.
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