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    Quote Originally Posted by Integrals View Post
    I have this same problem, I have tried it in two different cars and with a AC wall adaptor to car charger adapter with no results.

    I doubt I will be able to return this thing without the box? Can anyone give me some advice if I don't have the box? Will I have to pay a fee, or can I not return it at all?

    It did this with both my pres, so I am beginning to think its the charger
    If it was sold as suitable to charge the Pre, you should have a good case to return it.
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    I have a charger from a Sanyo Pro-700 and a generic micro USB car charger that I have been using for my Pre. What I have noticed is that when I plug the chargers in, the phone will not start charging right away. However, after a few minutes I hear the tone go off that the phone is charging. Maybe because the chargers I am using aren't pushing out enough mA's but it will eventually start charging.
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    Alright, so I've done further testing, and all appears to be okay. The Pre Charger I received promptly from Trim81 works just fine.

    Thanks Trim81 for hooking us up here on PreCentral.

    Quote Originally Posted by flipesq View Post

    I received the Sprint Car Charger you're selling. Just tried it in the car and while it works initially with your advice (turning off the screen), it seems as though I have to physically hold the adapter tight up against the pre to hold the charge.

    Any slight movement here or there, and the charge icon turns off.

    I have a Touchstone at home that I normally use, so I rarely plug anything into the micro-USB connector.

    I unplugged the micro-USB connector from my Touchstone and plugged it into my Pre, to test out whether there's any loosened contact tips, and surprisingly the connection is a more secure fit. I'm not sure how to describe it, but the fit from the Palm micro-USB connection was tighter and felt more secure than the Sprint-branded car charger. Sure enough, the charge stayed throughout and there was no worry that the connection would switch off.

    I'm going to test it out further in the car, but based on the in-home results, I'm hoping it's an issue with the Sprint charger and not my actual Pre (loosened connection contacts, etc.)
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    Put me down for: Tried the Sprint car charger and it didn't work.
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    I got the palm charger from best buy for the car and it recgonizes it, but I drove from long beach to LA and when I took the plug out, the battery actually dropped
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    I've had the same problem and called support today. I think it's hilarious how Sprint sold it to me as an official Palm Pre Charger...The charger worked for day one, and then suddenly I have this lovely strobing effect on the Sprint light. I think because there is not enough power it just started deteriorating very fast. My Pre loses power when plugged in and running apps. Not so with my wall charger. It also overheated once while I was driving...Sprint said they will replace it for me. Try calling *2 on your phone for customer service. They said they will replace mine with the proper one. You can bet that I will be adamant about them giving me the official Palm charger and the difference in cost. I'm just worried that my battery will be shot. Not sure about phones, but high heat and low amperage are both terrible for computers so I would assume a phone is no different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    Wow, I'm reading this thread and thinking, "is my Sprint charger the only one that functions properly?" I have no issues with charging in the car (screen off or on).
    Same here, no problem with my sprint car charger at all, it worked great on my 800w, and works great with my pre
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    anyone have any issues with this one? i just ord'd it....i am 'assuming' it works with the Pre since it's on the page
    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    Hmm, all these problem might be a sign to use a charger that meets Palm's requirements. And that some folks at the Sprint Stores shouldn't be selling accessories.

    Some of you spend the same or more money trying to get a cheaper charger to work, plus all the hassles in between. Why not pop for the extra $10 right up front and buy a Palm charger that you know will work and perform as expected? Just a while idea.
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