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    Has anyone using the Palm Leather Side Case noticed that the ribbon pull and slit inside the case (belt clip side) leaves a mark on the screen? Luckily I had a protector on, in which it clearly leaves a indentation.

    I just got mine after returning the Body Glove side case for a similar reason (inside stitching from the belt clip). After being in the case for less than 10 minutes, there is a definite mark that raises a red flag to me. I can't see this being good for the screen if it's a constant pressure point. This is going to be another return... and after having waited two weeks for it.
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    Using mine for a week and just inspected my Pres screen and don't see anything. Did you notice the instructions with the case telling you to put the pre in the pouch facing your body?
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    No such problem with mine, case has been a must have for me
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    I haven't seen the problem, either. Well, sometimes I'll see a smudge or something, but it's not a scratch or dent or anything. And were you storing it with the screen facing your body?
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    Love the case as well. No scratching or other issues - also have the phone facing the body.
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    Yes to all, facing my body. Never store it any other way in any case. That is the side where the bump out in the case is the most pronounced. Right where the ribbon comes out of the case behind the belt clip.

    Edit: Added pics after less than 5 min in the case.
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    I've had the Palm Leather Case since day one & never notice any marks or discoloration on the screen. I saw in a different post that the screen protector was rubbing against the inside, causing the discoloration.
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    I had the same problem when I had the IS screen protector on my pre and the palm leather side case. Every time I took the pre out of the case I would see and could feel an indentation on the IS because of the tab inside the case. I've since replaced the palm leather case with the one from smartphone experts which I like a lot better. Also I subsequently removed the IS as I didn't like the feel and there were some air bubbles which wouldn't disappear after 2 wks.
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    Well, IS came out fine for me, and the phone was too slippery without it. I'll have to stick with my 700p case which, while being too big, is better than nothing until I can find something else.
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    it no big deal to me. i think the palm leather case is still the best for me.
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    I, too, bought a Leather Case on the first day but was super excited when the Seidio Cases came out. I returned my Leather Case for one of the Seidio cases and am super happy with it.
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    Had my case for some weeks now & noticed a smudge in the same spot of the screen everytime but I'm ok with it. Other than that, its a really good case.
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    I was about to purchase the Palm Side Case when I picked up my Pre but it was $39 or was that $29. I had splurged on the Touchstone, so I decided to for go it.

    However, since I live in NYC, as I left the store on 23rd Street and 5th ave, I walked over to 6th ave to get the train, I passed those vendors on the street. I purchased a generic side case for $5.

    I then realized that there was no opening for the headphones, so I cut out that portion of the case to allow for the headphone. Heck the thing only cost me $5.

    Now I find out that the Palm case did not consider the headphones as well and it probably the same thing as my $5 case.

    I use it all the time now with the pouch.

    I am testing all sorts of hard case and today I got my blue jelly silicone case. It is one of the best cases so far. Easy to come off to charge on the Touchstone. Maybe a little too easy, I might spray on the case a little Photo Mount (contact cement) to make it stick a little better, I can wipe that off if necessary.

    It fits good, and because they knew about the hole for the power button the volume buttons, they just did something different and covered them up with the silicone and made a little bump on the silicone so you know where to place your finger. So you can power off the phone or play with the volume controls better than the other hard cases I have tried.

    It's not perfect, I said its the best so far. I have about 10 other cases.

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    I had my for 3 weeks no problems here.
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    I've noticed this. My Pre has mark in the middle of the screen, but it's only visible in direct light. It doesn't come out by just wiping but I'm sure it'll come out with some vigorous polishing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodWulf View Post
    Yes to all, facing my body. Never store it any other way in any case. That is the side where the bump out in the case is the most pronounced. Right where the ribbon comes out of the case behind the belt clip.

    Edit: Added pics after less than 5 min in the case.
    Man, that is one ugly screen protector. Get rid of it and your problems will go away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    Man, that is one ugly screen protector. Get rid of it and your problems will go away.
    I'm more concerned about functionality and operation, not looks. I'll lose the IS when it's time, but right now it serves it's purpose.

    Again, I'm not worried about a rub mark on the screen that will come off. I'm more concerned with the pressure point and whether or not it will damage the screen.
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    i had the same thing happen. so now i put the screen facing inwards therefore the tab doesn't touch the screen.

    edit: saw your post that you do the same. i haven't had any problems having it face me. only when it faced out.
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    I agree with the OP. My first Pre was naked; no screen protector at all. I started seeing a faint scratch get more and more pronounced. I had no idea what it was until I looked at the case. It is indeed going to scratch a naked Pre's screen over time.

    I have since returned that first Pre due to an unrelated problem. I have left the original screen protector on [my 2nd, current Pre] and noticed the faint scratches started showing up again. Sigh...

    Its too late for me. I have had the Palm side case for more than 30 days and cannot take it back (it was $30, not cheap). I guess I'll either have to cut out that damn ribbon or buy another case.
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    I see the smudge every time I take out the Pre from the case. At least I put on the screen Protector the first day. But , you are right, if you didn't have a screen protector on, the ribbon would probably cause it to scratch. The directions for the case say to place the camera side(back facing forward) with the camera on the top right hand side. The screen should be on the side were the belt clip is. The problem is that the ribbon is rubbing on the screen when pulling out. It is too late for me to return it. Are there any better cases that I can keep me Pre in. I like leather cases. I also keep my phone in my front pocket.
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