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    I had this problem too. I did what Palm said and got the smudge. I started putting my Pre screen facing out. This way ribbon and interior stitching do not come in contact with the screen. Hope this helps.
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    I have the same problem with the case. I bought the Pre and the case on the same day at Sprint, and within a couple of days there was a smudge on the screen that would not come out. I took both items to Sprint, and they gave me a new phone and a new case. This time I left the stock screen protector on, and again I had the same smudge where the ribbon is. I ended up ordering a Ghost Armor before taking the screen protector off. I've since tried stretching the case out so the Pre doesn't fit so tight. I don't have that issue so much anymore since doing that.
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    This weekend I found my solution. Picked up a Case Logic universal side case from WalMart for $17. It fits the Pre perfectly and the soft lining inside works well with IS.
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