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    My BlueAnt Z9i headset works well with my Pre - except for the following:

    - If I walk away from my Headset so I am out of range - my Pre does not automatically reconnect when I come back in range - I have to go to my BT settings and reconnect... sometimes even that does not work.

    Is this a problem with my PRE? (I've seen some similar posts related to being a hardware issue?)
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    Wrong thread. Move to bluetooth.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    I have had this problem with just about every bluetooth phone or dongle for PC.
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    Had the same problem. You need to update the firmware on your z9i. Head out to the BlueAnt site and install v1.1. Solved my BT issues with the Pre.
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    I did update the firmware - and the headset does work better.

    However I still have the issue where my BT headset (z9i) is connected to my PRE when at my desk - but I'll leave the desk taking my phone with me where I go out of range from my headset.

    When I return - I have to manually reconnect - the headset does not automatically reconnect.

    I am not even sure if it is supposed to or not?

    By the way - how do you like your z9i? Did you consider a Q1 or Jawbone?

    I got the z9i as the price was great (< $50)... other than this issue I think it works really well though the noise (wind) reduction still isn't great and wonder if the Q1 or Jawbone would be better.

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