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    I have a rocket fish case, but am debating returning it. I was wondering how you guys without a case doing with yours? Is it scratching? is it holding up ok?

    I was thinking about going with a skin, but would like to see how everyones is doing for now.
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    I dont have a case atm. Iam getting one though!
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    I dont have a case atm. Iam getting one though!
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    I never had a case - bought the Best Skin Ever off their site for $7 shipped, installed it myself with no problems. Bought the Pre on June 6th after sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the Sprint store. I keep my Pre in my pocket all the time and on my desk while at work. I'm not too careful with it, and everything is holding up perfectly. The skin is not scratched, still looks great. The phone itself is great - noticed a very slight amount of movement in the slider probably because of the pressure when in the pocket sometimes. I'm not one to like cases - just like the phone to look how it was designed. This is a pretty phone, I want to show it off, and the skin allows for that.
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    I do use a skin, but because of the shape etc i find myself not using it very much just put in my pocket.

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