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    Quote Originally Posted by broadwayjoe View Post
    can you charge batteries by placing them directly on the touchstone? or do they need to be inside the phone?
    LOL ... no, they have to be in the phone with the correct back for the Touchstone.

    The 'stone is a device which magnetically couples with the special back cover, and the magnetic field oscillations are transformed into an electrical current in the coil inside of the special back cover. Two contacts off this coil transfer this current to the Pre and charge the battery.
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    [QUOTE=T0F3R;1741 594]Palm PrPrPr&#$275$; $Batteries$

    Innocell 1350 mAh Available: NOW
    Pros: Same size as Original, works w/ touchstone, available NOW
    Cons: Only 20% improvment

    Innocell 2600 mAh Available: In Development
    Pros: Double capasity, comes w/ soft-touch backcover
    Cons: Increases depth, NO touchstone use, not yet available, Price?

    Amzer SmartCell 2800 mAh Available: 7/10 Treo Accessories - Blackberry Accessories - Blackberry Case, Blackberry Bluetooth, Blackberry Charger, Blackberry Battery, Cell Phone Accessories -
    Pros: Largest available, comes w/ backcover
    Cons: Backcover is shiny black, Price, NO touchstone use, increases depth

    the seido rep who seems very active on this site said that they're working on making the back cover touchstone compatible and I'd be shocked if they didn't, if not at first a bit down the line as there's a huge number of Pre owners who have touchstones and would only buy the battery if it's touchstone compatible. Seido would be crazy not to.
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    any news on the Amzer battery due to release 7/10 tommorrow?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    any news on the Amzer battery due to release 7/10 tommorrow?
    apparently some dude already posted a review on the site
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    I dont think its a review, more of an insider

    I saw that "review" 1 month ago on that same page
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    Add me to the bunch that will only buy an extended battery that is compatible with the touchstone. At 1st I didn't think I'd go for the touchstone but considering it just makes more sense to me to charge it on that than fuss with a cable plugged into a port. Plus I seem to have developed a tendency to knock my phones off of the desk or where ever I'm charging it.
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