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    i was going to do the same thing, until i dropped it twice in back to back days. Im glad i had the shield, otherwise i would be staring down at the scratches all day
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    Used to be a big BSE supporter, get phantom skins, completely smooth giving the same exp as naked
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    I covered my Pre with Ghost Armor a couple of days after I got it. But I took the protector off 2 weeks ago. I love the look and feel of a naked Pre.
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    I had the original screen protector on for a few weeks and it was starting to peel off and look like crap and plus the tab was always turning my screen black during a call when I didn't have the phone on my ear. So I finally took it off and wow the screen was nice but a few days later I put an screen protector on and I be forgetting I even got one. Besides always having to double tap and swipe up a few times I'm used to it and will never go naked maybe on the Pre birthday next year only to sell it for the next new WebOS
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    Naked all the way, enjoy the device
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    phantom skinz. I love mine. No orange peel and it has a smooth feel.
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    I just installed BestSkinsEver a few days ago on my 2nd Pre, the 1st one (launch day) felt way better naked, but since my daughter dropped the 1st, I don't want this almost perfect Pre to suffer any scratches, so I will keep this skins on until...Well, whenever I get tire of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flipesq View Post
    I second the Boxwave ClearTouch-Crystal. I received mine yesterday and was surprised to see there were two protectors included (one as in the picture shown on the website and one that covers the entire face)

    The one that covers the entire face of the phone completely surrounds the earpiece instead of just partially covering the bottom of the earpiece (as shown on their website)
    Hm this is sort of disappointing to hear they altered the protector to cover more of the face after the initial launch of the protector. Mine was preordered and shipped on it's launch day and covers up to just under the earpiece and wraps slightly up the sides of it but doesn't go completely around. Although I'm satisfied with it I'd much rather have had it go all the way up and around the earpiece.
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