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    For only $15.30 each when QTY 50+ purchased - BlueTooth Wireless Headset - Black | BlueTooth HeadSet

    It's so cheap yet I'm curious to see the quality and performance this device will yield. I know their cables are good quality for the price but this is different. Anyone have any experience with this device or have heard anything about it? Thanks brahs.
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    Guess no on has experience with this headset. The reviews appear to be great. I'm just skeptical cause of the low cost.
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    I would get it, but I have too many bluetooth headsets as it is. Plus my GPS has bluetooth speaker phone capabilities.
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    I got one of these and it arrived on Tuesday, but I haven't used it yet! I haven't even paired it with my Pre (partly because I was waiting for a replacement Pre to arrive, but that's a different story).

    I did take it out of the box to charge it, though. My initial reaction (again, without actually having used it) is that it feels like a $15 bluetooth headset. And that's not a knock on Monoprice -- I love buying stuff from them. But out of the box, the sticker/laminate with the Monoprice logo was partially peeled off, so the first thing I had to do was press it down and hold it for a few minutes to get it to stick back on (it's holding!). The whole unit is plastic, which makes it very light, but it does feel sort of cheap -- not as nice as the low-end Motorola headset I bought for my wife last December for not a whole lot more than this. And I had a small problem charging it because the connection between the charger and the headset itself must not be totally secure.

    But that's sort of a lame review since I can't even comment on the sound quality. I'll make a call with it today and post some results later.
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    An auspicious start... I can't even get this thing to pair with my phone. Now I have to pray I wasted $16 on this headset instead of there being something wrong with Pre #2. I'll troubleshoot and if I ever get it to work, I'll post on call quality... *sigh*
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    I'm not in a big hurry to get a bluetooth headset but if this works fine then I'll save myself some money and get this headset instead. I just wanted to see if anyone had got it to work with the Pre. Lets hope its not your Pre Garison.
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    Okay, I got this thing to work. (Effectively, I just turned both devices off and turned them both on again -- sort of the Windows XP version of troubleshooting)

    It's very lightweight in the ear, which is nice. Relatively comfortable, too, though my call was only 5-6 minutes. Probably the best way to sum up the experience is to provide a partial transcript of the conversation...

    Him: "Did you end up getting the Pre?"
    Me: "Yeah, it's nice."
    Him: "Are you talking on it right now, or on your work phone?"
    Me: "No, using the pre."
    Him: "Are you on some kind of headset??"
    Me: "Yeah -- partially the reason for my call was to test out this new bluetooth earpiece."
    Him: "Well, your voice is getting louder and softer as your talking..."

    So he could tell straight away that I was on a headset, which is usually a sign that the headset isn't spectacular. But I could hear him great, and he didn't say it was terrible, just that I was sort of cutting in and out.

    For $16? ... it seems to do the job. I also read the reviews over at Monoprice and I wouldn't go as far as to say this is "worth more than $40-50" as one person wrote. I don't think this is as good of a buy as the Moto H12 I bought my wife for x-mas -- I bought that from Newegg, but they currently show no stock (down to $26, though).

    I would say if you have an order to place at Monoprice anyway (like extra micro USB cables, for example), you might as well add one of these headsets to your cart.

    The good news is that apparently bluetooth functionality IS working on Pre #2, so assuming I can get past the annoying bad pixel in the middle of the screen, I won't have to send this one back... (maybe if I watch that pixel-fixing youtube video a few more times, my eyesight will get bad enough that I won't notice it)
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    You can get solid BT headsets from Motorola, Plantronics, Jabra, etc. for less than $20.

    Just lookout for sales (at places like NewEgg, Amazon,, etc.)

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