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    Thinking I should have a spare battery but somehow spending $40.00 on one just seems crazy. $40.00???!!! Then I go on eBay and I see no end of auctions for Pre batteries at much lower prices.

    Some of the auctions says plainly that the battery fits Centro and 800w as well as Pre... but I seem to remember reading somewhere in these forums that the Centro/800 battery is NOT compatible with Pre.

    Can someone shed some light???

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    Personally, I would be concerned about the type and/or quality of the stuff on eBay (cause I don't want to fry my phone)
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    Palm says that the Pre batteries are 'special' but they won't say exactly what makes them special other than their price. They also say that only Pre chargers should be used but we all know that any microUSB charger with the required 500mAh+ will work just fine.

    As long at the physical size and voltage are the same you are going to be fine.
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    It has been reported that Sprint claims the Pre battery differs from the Centro battery because there is a special chip built in that allows the Pre to go into a deeper sleep mode. This has not been confirmed.

    There is also an "extended" battery by Seidio that will give you about 300 more mAh over the OEM batttery.

    Lastly, you may just opt to go with an external battery for emergency charging. There are many types of this, some use AA batteries, other use a rechargeable lithium ion battery. All you would need to a micro USB cable or adapter. I personally use the Motorola P790 that I got from ebay for $10. It works quite well, and I don't have to go into the hassle of opening up the Pre to swap batteries.
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    We're on the same wavelength, alvin319. Found a number of eBay auctions for everything-in-the-box-but-the-Pre accessories, which, of course, includes an OEM battery. (Assume these sellers have a pipeline into Sprint returns.)

    I bought a package that includes TWO BP1 standard batteries for $40.00 shipped, and it also includes a spare battery cover as well as the charger/USB cable, headphones, pouch, literature, etc. Seems like a pretty good value since batteries alone are going for $40.00 a pop.

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