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    So I was wondering can the Pre be used as an MP3 player connected to your car stereo? I haven't seen any specialized adapters for such a purpose but perhaps you only need a stereo that has a USB connection. And once the Pre is connected the HU would recognize it as a MP3 player and go from there. That would be cool.

    I guess a possible downside would be that the Pre will not allow phone calls, email etc when in MP3 mod. As it doesn't allow these features when connected to a PC/Laptop as a media or USB device. That sounds like a SW update.

    If this was already discussed I apologize but humor me any ways. I didn't see any discussion or I just didn't search for the correct phrase.
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    It has been discussed, absolutely. The Pre works very well as a music player in your car. There are a number of ways to integrate it: FM transmitter, cassette adapter, aux in, bluetooth. How you connect depends on your car.

    Once connected, you can listen to music and not worry about missing phone calls or email: the music automatically pauses when a phone call comes in, and once the call is finished, your music will pick back up again. Emails come in and the music volume lowers a bit when the notification sound plays. So yeah, it all works together, and beautifully so. There are multiple threads about people using Pandora and Sprint Nav at the same time. Try searching on "Pandora Nav car" and see what comes up.
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