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    As the title asks.. my touchstone or back cover or both seemed to have some of its magnetism.. anyone else?
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    I have noticed this, although I assume it is in the touchstone. I have one touchstone at home, which is connected using the USB cable and wall plug that came with the Pre, and another touchstone at my girlfriend's house, which is connected with a USB-to-MicroUSB cable that came with my Treo 800w. The touchstone at my girlfriend's house is verystrong, while the touchstone at home has gotten weak.
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    Assuming the magnets (they only reside in the TouchStone itself; not the battery cover) are permanent, like neodymium, I see this as being very unlikely to happen unless done intentionally (e.g. heated to a specific temperature). I have many of these magnets stripped from HDDs years ago that are still as strong as ever.

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