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    Also let us know if you can operate the camera without being hindered. I had a case like these for my 700P, but they put an extra "hinge" so that the camera could be used without the flap being an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TechFirstAid View Post
    Pics please?
    I thought I left one. Go to
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    It doesn't look like you can open the flip cover if you have a headphone jack plugged in either.
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    threads without pics are worthless.
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    coupon code 1196659237 still works for 15% off for a limited time at
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    Hey OP,

    Did you receive the case yet?
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    I have not looked too much at this case, but I have had cases from these folks in the past, and have been VERY happy with them for my other treos and have been very happy with them. The leather has been top notch quality, and every design element has been thought of.
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    The only thing this case does is protect the phone on your belt. if you unsnap the "top" cover, the pre will just sit inside of the cradle. the phone can just be lifted out if the latch is unsnapped. it does not stay on the phone at all. it is just a "carrier".
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    Seidio case to me is the best!!!
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    looks nice but like others i'm hoping for an extended battery like I have with my moto q9c

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    What is the hold up on user feedback of this case? I guess they don't have the "fastest shipping ever".
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    looks promising...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamPalm View Post
    looks promising...
    Very. Had a case like this for my Treo, and Centro. The Protection is the greatest.
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    Yeah, still waiting for feedback.
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    Well I went ahead and ordered the croc version of the case:

    PDair Black Croco Leather Flip Case fit Sprint Palm Pre - eBay (item 370230209576 end time Jul-22-09 11:33:01 PDT)

    Will report back my impressions here once I receive the case....
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    Quick question, for someone that has one of these PDair Cases (folio or book style), does the phone snap in? When the flap is opened, will the phone just fall out or is it held in with that little apparent "cradle"? Thanks.
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    Can you use the magnetic base charger with it Or do you have to take it out?
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    I'm just not much of a leather case guy myself, I want something thin that makes it feel like I don't have a case but that is plastic
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    why is there a double post?
    are you selling them?
    stop spamming
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    why is there a double post?
    are you selling them?
    stop spamming
    Not just that but how come after two and a half weeks, no user pics/reviews.
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