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    I know there is a thread about the holster WITHOUT the Audio Access Port ( but I just received the newly designed case that INCLUDES access to the audio port.

    I've included photos below. Just ask if you have questions or want to see it from a different angle and I'll do my best to answer it.

    So far I'm pretty happy with it. It's slightly sticky with my Invisible Shield and the rubbery material used for the dual-prong clip, but not to the point of being an inconvenience. I still have unfettered access to the audio port which is a big thing for me so I'm super happy. I was all smiles when I took back the Palm Leather Case I had originally bought.

    They didn't, however, make the "Device Face in Design" sticker easily removable. I tried pulling it off but was pulling a lot of the protective "felt" material off with it so I stopped.

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    Just got mine too... I dont have a screen protector on yet (just had to exchange my pre this morning). So far seems good, just one tip for everyone: Make sure the hinge is all the way down when you put it in! You can easily put it in with only a 1/2 closed hinge which could lead to fall-outs. But, as long as you are careful, this is a nice holster!
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    Meh... I like my first generation spring clip holster.
    I don't really need or use the headphone jack and having instant access to the ringer vibrate switch is more useful for me.

    Glad you like it though!
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    hmmm, still debating whether I am sticking with my palm leather case or going with this bad boy.
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    Does the invisibleshield interfere with the clip function at all? Does the clip pull the invisibleshield up when you put the pre in the case?
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    I had the Palm Leather case and if you use the headphone jack, the Seidio case is much better. Plus, my phone didn't slide in and out of it very well once I put on my screen protector. Plus it's cheaper and I can do things faster; I can pull it out (don't have to try and grip a side and/or the draw string) and put it back in (don't have to push the draw string back in after using it to pull out the phone).

    Oh yeah, and I was able to return my Palm case within 30 days. It still would have been worth it had I needed to leave my phone in my pocket a day or two until the case arrived but the timing worked perfectly for me.
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    I'll offer $15 shipped to any reputable Pre Central member who want's to unload their perfect condition 1st generation holster to move to this one.
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    I have the Bodyguardz on my phone and I have this case too (I love this case btw..)..anyway it totally screwed up the bottom two corner edges of my Bodyguardz film..The fit is not quite right with the Bodyguardz on it when it's in this holster, so unfortunatly I'm going to have to choose one or the other.

    Based upon the level of protection the Bodyguardz gives me...I think I'll have to stick with it..
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    I was wondering about the IS protector and the holster, thanks. I want to get this but i hate the fact that I spent $30 on the Palm belt holster in Sprint and I'm not happy with it because it blocks the speaker.
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    As pointed out in another thread, my IS corners are getting slightly damaged because of the tightness. I'm gonna use a tool and see if I can loosen it's grip (slightly) and see how that works.

    Super... can you not return your Palm Leather Case? I definitely believe it's worth it if you can so you can buy one of these with your returned $$. IMO.
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    How secure would this be if I were running on a treadmill? Possibilities of falling off? Pre falling out? Does it shift at all while it's in the case? (doubtful, as you've got IS on it for added grip)
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    My Pre is super secure in it's holder but I haven't tried it on a treadmill. My guess would be that it would be fine; the grip is super tight (tight enough to pull up the corners on my IS at least).

    As far as lateral movement is concerned, it's also pretty solid. It's even more secure if you use the audio port because the plug goes between the two prongs.
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    Not sure if i like the vibrate being covered but I guess I usually have in on vibrate 90% of the time anyways...
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