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    Hey friends,

    I have been looking for a good case for my pre since i got it! Everything i have found is either a slip or a plastic snap on case! Since day one i have the felt the build quality of the pre left something to be desired and i was hoping an awesome case could make it work!

    i ordered this last night! It looks awesome!


    Here is a link:

    I use my pre to show people my photography. (thats my job)
    Check out my photography here!
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    Cool case. Let us know what it's like when you get it.
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    Nice looking.
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    Okay, so you see alot of artwork that looks like photography, but photography that looks almost like a painting? Seriously, your photography is amazing. Such great definition and lighting, shading, etc. Very artistic. Thanks for the link.
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    What holds the Pre into this case?
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    why is there a double post?
    are you selling them?
    stop spamming
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    yeah seriously, stop with the ad

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