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    Ok so i watched the video on of them scratching up a 3G with a key and then a 3G with IS on it, and there was nothing there! So i was sold, went to best buy and had them install it on my Pre. (the guy seamed to know what he was doing, saved me an hour of frustration, worth it IMO).

    So i let it cure for 12 hours, it looks great! so I'm showing off my new protector and scratch it a couple of times with my thumb nail (not too hard) and to my suprise there were scratches that dont go away!

    I thought the point of the Invisible Shield was to protect from scratches. I figured i could carry my keys and phone in the same pocket and not have to worry, but will i still have to baby the pre like i did before?

    Aside note, the scratches in the screen before the IS was installed cannot be seen anymore, so thats a big plus.
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    I had the same thing happen to me while showing off the "scratch-proof" capability to my friends. Pretty embarassing. Oh well. I pulled it off and getting a replacement, although I might just go for the Seidio case with their screen protector.

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