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    I remember my Pre used to Vibrate while it was on the touchstone.

    After i updated to 1.03 and now to 1.04 it does not vibrate anymore.
    It just makes a really weird faint noise.

    When the phone is off the touchstone it vibrates normally..

    Did something go wrong or did palm implement a "safety" feature about no vibrating on the touchstone in the new software versions?
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    anybody have input?
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    flip the ringer switch
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    same, i'm missing calls like crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterGibbons View Post
    same, i'm missing calls like crazy.
    ditto.. I have mine in my work office and i keep complaining because im missing emails, calls, notifications, etc. Its really upsetting.
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    Moved Touchstone thread to the Palm Pre Accessories forum.

    - Craig

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