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    I just got my phone 4 days ago and i was wondering if there were any good accessories for it?
    I hear bout talk bout the touchstone and was wondering what actually is it?
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    Uh... there should be plenty of info on this board and on Palm's own website..

    For starters though, the touchstone is a wireless induction charger for the phone, kinda similar to how electric toothbrushes recharge their batteries.
    Try looking at this link for some pics and a basic explanation
    Touchstone : Palm USA

    As for accessories, most people try to find a case of some sort or holster. I tend to like Seidio products, but that's my own preference.

    Also, there is talk on the boards of the various types of protective skins available. Here's a pretty good review thread with plenty of pics to help you decide if this is for you.

    Also, you may consider a larger life battery, but it's probably good to wait a week and see what your usage is like normally.

    Bluetooth headsets are also a possibility, but again, this depends on your personal use and preference.

    Good luck and welcome to the forums.

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