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    pre BT with pioneer radios suck too
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    Quote Originally Posted by zyxwv88 View Post
    They aren't doing anything about it? Holy freaking cow, man! The phone has only been out for a month. You expect them to have it fixed already? Yes, it would be cool if they were that blazing fast, but even the best companies in the world take months to fix issues because they are working on a lot of things and have to prioritize. If they don't have it fixed in 6 months or by the year mark, you can decide they are slacking, but unfortunately software development doesn't really fit in the realm of instant gratification that you seem to be used to.

    You also didn't mention, did they send you the headset for free? If so, that is pretty impressive by itself that they would do that..

    I hate to say it Alik, but you whining because they haven't fixed it in 30 days really makes me sick, mostly because you honestly seem to think they should have it fixed that fast. If that was the only issue that needed to be fixed or the only thing that needed to be upgraded, then 30 days would likely be enough. Honestly, it blows me away that your expectations are that high. No one could meet those expectations.

    For what it's worth, I've done software development, so I understand where Palm is coming from. Heck, the fact that we've even had two updates to the phone in the first month is pretty impressive. No, they didn't manage to fix your particular issue, but they fixed some other issues that were important to others (like no-SSL exchange servers).

    If you are so picky that you need perfection from your bluetoooth, and you aren't willing to wait or be patient, and it is SOOOOOO critical that you sync your bluetooth to your car that you're willing to give up all the other neat features that the Pre has to offer, go for it, but it would take a lot more than minor bluetooth issues for me to give up my Pre. You'd probably have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.

    As of when I'm writing this, the Pre is 2.5 months old. It is incompatible with most modern Nissan and Infiniti cars. Combined, that has to be at least 15 percent of all new cars sold and a decent portion of those on the road.

    I could understand if there was a problem with Ferrari or something, but this problem has to affect a materially high percentage of Pre owners (myself included as a G35x 2008 owner) to the point where the phone might be considered unusable. In NJ you must use hands free.

    Does this mean I have to go blow $100 on a crude headset because the darn phone won't work with the $2800 nav/bt/stereo system I paid for when my years old 700p worked just fine??

    WTF, and to not even create a post saying 'sorry for the inconvencience, we are working on it and should have it fixed with x days'

    I just re-upped a boatload of phones on Sprint for my company before I discovered this.
    Mark F Chinsky
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    There is a viable workaround. It isn't great, but at least its survivable until they fix this. I have a 2008 G35x.

    Take/make your call over bluetooth. (Static and all). Then on the car screen, hit the "Use handset" button to take it off the blue tooth. Then hit the Phone icon button on your steering wheel and it will put it back on bluetooth. There on in it seems the call works fine.

    Unfortunately you have to repeat this for every call but at least its usable.
    Mark F Chinsky
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    This workaround doesn't work all the time. I tired that and the last time I got a very interesting scenario - my new Pre (yes, after trying BB Tour for 3 days, I went back to Pre even though Tour was perfect with my Infiniti) was trying to reconnect automatically with my BT in the car after I was pressing "use handset" on my screen; and, unfortunately, the static was still there...
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    I have learned something from this tread!
    Doesn't anyone drive a American made car anymore?
    Sorry I couldn't help myself.

    Anyways. My pre has issues with Sync in my Ford Taurus also. It's annoying as can be. I have to re-connect each time I get in the car and then sometimes it freezes up and won't work. I find myself doing it the old fashion way of holding it to my ear.
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    It is surprising... I thought that Pre was perfectly compatible with SYNC based on other posts and threads...
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    Well this is the reason I am holding back on the pre as well. I have a 2007 Altima with Nav and without being able to use the hands-free in my car is a deal-breaker to me.

    There are also issues with alot of WM 6.1 devices (although my Samsung i760 works). It's obviously a Pre Bluetooth 2.1 implentation issue even though it should be backwards compatible to 1.2.

    I doubt that Nissan will fix the issue on their side as it has existed for 3 years as far as I know. And you would need some sort of replacement of the bluetooth part in the car as you cannot do a firmware upgrade on that part. It also seems that 2008 and 2009 Nissan/Infiniti is affected, so they obviously haven't updated that part since 2007.

    I want this phone but I cannot justify not using my nav system's bluetooth to use a headset. Hopefully the next update will address this issue and alot of us who want a Pre or have returned one can get one when it is fixed.
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    to tell u the truth alik r u shouldve kept the pre and used ur old phone for your precious music u wanted 2 listen 2 while u ride that was the most insane reason y u turned in ur pre and ur reason didnt even include that text forwardin isnt included it was jus the bluetooth that bother u
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    I went and bought the Pre despite the warnings and, of course, my Bose/Nav BT in my 09 Altima isn't working properly. It connects fine, signal strength and battery show on display fine, it's just a bit choppy (by a bit choppy I mean you lose every 3rd word). My wife laughed at me because I made such a huge deal about how awesome the Pre is and yet here I am picking up the phone to talk in my "High Tech" car with my "High Tech" phone. My cruddy little FREE LG sprint phone with almost no features was working great (crystal clear) with the BT, but no such luck with Pre.

    I do hope it gets worked out, although I am not as bummed as some of the other posters. I have found that you can still do low grade hands free with speakerphone while the audio jack is plugged in to aux. I just hit go to handset after I answer. It is reportedly not nearly as clear as my BT was though.
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    Don't know if any of you concerned people had noticed, but

    I just found this thread where someone has suggested that the 1.2 update has fixed their issues:

    Good Luck,
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    Sprint's patch notes also say that BT issues are fixed with 1.2.

    Glad I have a crappy car without the fancy bluetooth built in. Blackberry Bluetooth Gateway connected to my tape deck and it functions flawlessly.
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    Ive been getting a lot of complaints of static when using hands free to my Prius recently. Not sure whats up there, but 1.2 needs to hurry the f' up.
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    I was actually kind of impressed at how well my Motorola BT works with the Pre.
    My old 755p would sometime not hand off or drop to the handset in the middle of a call.
    Good Luck!
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