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    Ok, so I went to the sprint store and was told that you have to use the special Sprint/Palm car charger. The sales rep says if you don't use their special car charger, the battery will die out on you. Even claimed that one customer already had the same issue, and of course, the battery replacement is NOT covered under the insurance.

    Reading this forum, I realize that is so much bunk! I thought you guys might get a laugh out of that story.

    So my question is regarding the usb cable. Can I use any standard micro usb cable (maybe get it from Fry, Bestbuy) for charging from the computer and synching media?


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    I've been using a standard Micro USB from Frys. Seems to work fine, but I'm not sure if the Sprint one would keep a longer charge. I also use the Touchstone (with the original cord) at my office.
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    A few people have reported that some generic micro USB cables don't plug far enough into the Pre, and they resolve it by cutting away an 1/8" of the plastic.
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    I use a six foot Radio Shack 26-1416 USB-µUSB cable to power my Touchstone from the Palm wall wart.

    I have also used this same cable to charge the Pre direct-connected via its µUSB jack to the wall wart and to my MacBook.

    Data transfer also works just fine.

    Connectors at both ends are very compact and fit the Palm Pre and Touchstone just fine.

    Cable is slightly larger in diameter than the Palm cables, but MUCH more flexible.
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    I am sure you can use just about any micro usb charger, but for some reason my Motorola bt headset charger does not work with the Pre. Weird.
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    I use monoprice micro USB cables which work great for a couple bucks each. I also got a monoprice car charger for another couple of bucks and I can use sprint nav while charging the battery unlike the Palm car charger which charges too slowly.

    Basically, for any kind of cable or adaptor, your first choice should ALWAYS be
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    Dude monoprice has working cables.

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