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    It was really hard to get my charge port open, but the port om my second pre seems to be a lot harder to open then it was on my first pre.
    dude if you open your slide you can easily peel the port cover off to charge the phone. If the slides closed it's like impossible to undo. Just slide the phone open and pop open the port.
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    Best Buy in Canada has the Rocketfish Pre cases on clearance now. Bought a gunmetal case today for $9, was $30 originally in Canada.

    Case seems good, no prob to open the usb port cover.
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    Resurrecting this thread.

    If you can still find them, Best Buy has them at $5, all types:

    - the thick clear one, the thinner gunmetal, and the case with the the holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redgrappler View Post
    I bought the gun metal one. I thought it didn't fit right at first, however, after ensuring that all tabs were secured correctly, I like it. There was some friction when sliding open but that got better as it opened and closed. Best Buy dropped the price to 14.99.
    Now $4.99, i bought 5 haha
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