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    Just wondering, I pulled up the link and it says nothing about coming with 2 touchstones. I placed my order anyway cause I need a second charger... just curious. I tried weeding through all the replies but it seems that there is a bit of a cat fight and I didn't want to have to read all that crap.

    Give it up! Do you all have nothing better to do? Seriously...
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    maybe this will shut him up... I got my email back and I'm glad to see people do not do business like you. By the way.... which Fortune 500 company do you own? I would like to know so that I will never shop there.

    Hello Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxxx,

    Thank you for contacting the executive offices at Best Buy's corporate
    headquarters. We have received your email and it has been forwarded to
    my desk for review and response. Best Buy takes great pride in
    providing a fun and easy shopping experience for our customers, and I am
    disappointed we did not meet your expectations when you recently placed
    an online order.

    I was sorry to read about the problems you encountered when you got your
    new Palm charger kit. According to the manufacturer's website, the
    international charger comes with the expansion kit. The error in our
    description online has been reported to that department and they are
    currently working on fixing the problem.

    As a gesture of customer service for any inconvenience this has caused
    you, I would like to offer you a $20.00 Best Buy Gift Card. If you
    would like to accept this offer, simply respond to this email with your
    current mailing address and I will get it sent out. If you would like
    to obtain the charger, I would be happy to reimburse you for that
    instead of the gift card
    . The international charger is not available
    through Best Buy. If you decide to go this route, simply purchase the
    charger and send me a copy of the paid invoice and I will reimburse you
    for that expense. Either way, just let me know which option you wish to
    take and I will help out any way I can.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Executive Resolution Specialist
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    oh... by the way... good morning fellas! Sorry for being rude. I'm on the west coast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quahtrader View Post
    Funny how you want them to honor the "contract" at one point, but are somehow able to let them get away with not honoring it at another, isn't it? Why isn't anyone demanding the charger? Oh, because they don't carry it! Just like they don't carry the dual kit in the first place.
    Yes, we want them to honor the contract (2 pucks, 1 int'l chrger, and the all important user's guide). When they fail to do so (all 4 items), they should counter-offer. For most, it was an offer of cancelling the order all together. For the lucky few, they counter with the 2 pucks. It is then our choice to either accept or decline their offer.

    I consider it like a plea agreement... yeah, I'm guilty of doing (whatever) and I get something (usually less) in return. Sure you could plead not guilty and take your chances (in this case, not accepting the cancellation and pressing forward with your legal avenues) but it's really up to you to decide how far you want to go with it.

    Personally... I think this thread has gone on too far. Lets talk about Michael Jackson.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonnyvsp View Post
    maybe this will shut him up... I got my email back and I'm glad to see people do not do business like you.
    I'm curious, in the email you sent, did you tell them that you knew the website was in error when you made your order, and you still wanted them to honor it? Or did you play dumb and act like you didn't know?

    BB took care of you, no doubt. They don't want to risk losing you as a customer, or you telling your "horror" story to others - all over a charger. It's cheaper for them in the long run to just give you what you want to shut you up. A business decision. That still doesn't make it right.

    I deal with that type of thing on a weekly basis. Giving customers free product that they dont deserve and that I don't really need to give them - only because I've decided it's cheaper to give in than to risk the bad-mouthing.

    When you get down to it, it's simply a form of extortion
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    no deal here
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    Quote Originally Posted by quahtrader View Post
    Did you order it after the item was removed from the catalog - by using the direct link only available in this thread? If so, you can't really say it was on the website.
    I ordered it by searching their website for "Palm Touchstone" after somebody had mentioned the deal to me. It's Best Buy's mistake and when I go there this afternoon they should own up to it. It seemed a little odd to me, but it lined up with the description of an available kit on Palm's site, therefore I knew the kit existed somewhere and could be in stock at Best Buy. They charged me and are sending me emails reminding me to pick it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    I ended up buying from Palm directly. They need the money.
    I agree with Eguy. I'm going to purchase one from Palm, or perhaps PreCentral.

    I went to the store to pick up the order I placed last night, and had a major guilt trip all the way there. The comparison of this situation to giving a $20 bill back to someone who unknowingly dropped it rang with truth for me.
    Even if that same person was warned repeatedly and did not take precautions to secure his/her money, I'm still not sure it would be okay to pick it up and keep it. The person may be a dummy, but that doesn't make it my money. By the time I got to the store, I had determined that I would just cancel the order and let it go if there were any issues whatsoever. As it turned out, the SKU on my order confirmation matched the one on the product (single charger) the customer service person brought out.

    Many of you are correct, it would have been dishonest to make a customer service nightmare for them in order to force them to "honor" (strange word for this instance) the sale price even though it was their mistake.

    I stand corrected, and just wanted to set the record straight for my part.
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    I just check your link and it only shows 1 Touch Stone now. Guess they caught on. Wish I would of seen it sooner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zubco View Post
    I just check your link and it only shows 1 Touch Stone now. Guess they caught on. Wish I would of seen it sooner.
    But it still shows it comes with an international charger. Really bb? Get your sht together or own up to it.
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    Ya, interestingly enough, the gal at the service desk told me there were two chargers in the box she brought out. She insisted there were two in the single charger kit box. I was prepared to let it go, but she went so far as to open the box there at the service desk to prove she was right. I told her, no biggie, I just wanted to cancel the order.
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    I ordered one last Monday and went to pick it up last night. They denied the existence or a "two pack" (true) and the manager said that she would've given me two had she had two in stock (only had one!). She offered me one for $50, I countered with canceling the order because the only reason I ordered it was because it was $35 a piece.

    She price adjusted the last piece and gave it to me for $34.99 + tax.

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