Before picking up my Plantronics 855 I had a set of Jaybird headphones. There's a new model that's not cheap available direct from them, and also through Amazon, but it includes next/previous type controls. The older version (the 100 series) did have the call answering features, but did not support next/previous controls for music playing. The 100 series was a closeout at their site direct for $50 or so, although it appears they are out. They are now selling refurb for $90 ($120 normal price).

Unless it's drastically improved from the 100 series, I would stay clear. The microphone was so useless, I had to go online and make sure it had one! Sound quality was pretty good. These sit behind your ears, and while they look a bit bulky, they stayed on great. They are sweat proof, and marketed towards the active exerciser. The earbuds sit on but not in the ear canal, but was surprisingly comfortable. Only minor gripe, occasionally the bud would rotate a bit and it wouldn't go on your ear very well. Rotating it back to the proper 7 o'clock position fixed it.

For my money, I'm much happier with the 855 from Plantronics, which is cheaper.