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    I should get the Sena pouch tomorrow. I waste too much money on cases every time I buy a new phone.

    So far I have:
    Palm slip case = Too hard to quickly remove
    Palm Side Case = Pull mechanism causes wrinkle in invisible shield (and I removed belt clip kind of messing up back side )
    Vaja Black Pouch = Need a set of pliers to remove from pouch

    On Order:
    Piel Frama Pre Case

    I read some great reviews on the Sena pouches for the iPhone and I'm thinking I might prefer to just go with a simple pouch unless the Piel Frama case blows me away.

    Want to buy any of my old cases - let me know. Just might have a good deal on a Piel Frama case if the Sena satisfies me.
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    It's hard for me to buy a case for my Pre from a company that puts a picture of the Pro next to the title "Palm Pre UltraSlim Pouch". LOL

    See Here
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    Interested in the Vaja case, how much would it go for? (I can't PM yet)
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    yeah, the Sena listing looks like it was put up too soon. Someone didn't proofread once they copied the information from the Treo Pro description - picture of the Treo and description mentions the Treo. At least the main pics actually have a Pre in them.
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    hmm, make sure you post your impressions of the Sena Case. I am definitely interested in buying it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by icecubefosho View Post
    Interested in the Vaja case, how much would it go for? (I can't PM yet)
    I think I paid $60 - just make me a fair offer - obviously less than what I paid.

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