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    Whats the best stereo bluetooth headphones.... Anyone wanna chime in???

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    I own the Motorola S9 and I enjoyed them (although the build quality left something to be desired). In terms of audio quality, they weren't anything like my top-of-the-line wired Shure SE530s, but they were still fun to listen to and has reasonable bass. They also included a mic which was of average quality.

    Motorola has since updated the S9 with the S9 HD and from what I've read, there is a noticeable improvement in sound quality.

    I recently saw a positive review of the Altec Lansing/Plantronics Backbeat 903 headset:
    Altec Lansing BackBeat 903 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review
    This one has dual mics, so the voice quality might be pretty good. Also, you can find it on sale this weekend for $57 instead of the $100 MSRP: Shopping,buy ALTEC LANSING BackBeat 903 Bluetooth Headset - Retail at with the code "CPJLBTALB77"
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavis55 View Post
    Whats the best stereo bluetooth headphones.... Anyone wanna chime in???

    I've been using the insignia bluetooth headphones with my iPod, PC, and phones for about the last year. They were down to $30 at Best Buy last time I was there. They pair flawlessly with the Pre and the sound is good. They're the over the ear kind and not in the ear so there's some sound that escapes for others to hear if they're up too loud. The controls are on the right earpiece and easy to use although you need to learn the placement since the raised buttons aren't really distinguishable from one another.

    Battery life is great but you need at least 3.5 hours for a full charge and they won't charge and play at the same time.

    NeoteriX is right about the build quality on the Motorola's. Every time I see a pair they seem to be lose or damaged in some way.
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    I've been having very good luck with the Altec Lansing Backbeat 906. Essentially identical to the 903's above, but it comes with an adapter to use with other non-bluetooth devices. It also comes with a micro usb dual charger as an added bonus, since it will charge the Pre and the headphones simultaneously. The pairing is flawless, the sound is great, they are made to work out in with just a cord going behind the ears, can get sweaty, and have a cool function that allows you to hear the noise around you through the speakers when you pause the music.
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