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    Thats right. Decided to grab a Touchstone from Best Buy, when I was pickup up some $30 Bluetooth stereo headphone. But now I can't find the power puck. I've been charging via USB port on the laptop most of the time. This sucks.
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    Same thing happened to me. You can get a micro USB cable and AC adapter from Monoprice, shave off one of the end of the cable (the one that goes into the TS); I did that and it works great.

    Or you can get the original Palm micro USB and AC adapter from eBay:
    Palm PRE AC Wall Adapter Charger & USB Cable NEW & OEM - eBay (item 310150629463 end time Jul-22-09 11:11:41 PDT)

    I did that too, but for my 2nd Touchstone.
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    Found it in the kitchen. Forgot I was using Pandora while I was cooking dinner a while ago.

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