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    So i thought I'd pick up a touchstone on release day... "what a silly gimick" i thought... Like its hard to plug in the charger?????

    OMG!!!!! The touchstone has changed my life.... I could never have imagined how convienient it is to just set the thing on there and let it charge... Its great... I can't believe this is not on every phone.... I want 50 of them... its sooooo amazing!!!! You can't possibly imagine how good it is until you try it...

    And just when i thought this couldn't get any better.... I went and got one for my car.... This accesory was MADE for a car.... Its the perfect phone holder... it charges the phone.... it goes straight to speaker when its on there and when you pick it up it answers the call.... amazing....

    Its not worth 70 bucks.... its worth DOUBLE!!!! Great idea palm!!!!!

    P.S. palm, could you make more touchstone accessories and make them cheaper so i can get one for every room of my house and office....
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    Do you work for Just Jokin with ya!
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    I also agree that its crazy convenient! I keep mine @ work to top off my Pre while listening to podcasts & Pandora all day! I gotta get a 2nd one for the car soon!

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