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    Hi all,

    When I have my Pre paired with my Bluetooth earpiece and answer an incoming call by clicking on the green answer button, it is not getting piped through to the earpiece. I have to hit the audio button on the Pre and select Bluetooth in order for it to push the call over there.

    If I answer the call by clicking the button on my earpiece then the call does get routed there. For what it's worth, my earpiece is the BlueAnt Z9.

    Is there a way to automatically get the call sent to the earpiece when I pick it up from the Pre?


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    Every Treo I've used works that way. If you answer from the handset, the phone assumes you're not going to use the headset. If you tap the headset to answer, the phone will channel the call to the headset.

    I know, tapping the button on the phone is a hard habit to break. But now I find myself reaching to tap my ear whenever my phone rings (headset in place or not ...) .

    have fun,
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    I am in the exact same situation with my Jabra BT8040. It's a great overall earpiece, just wish there was a way that I could even automatically send a call to BT after a few rings. I loved that feature on my Centro.
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    jsage - thanks for the insight. I guess I wish the logic worked the other way around, whereby if the phone is paired to a Bluetooth device then it would default to that device and you would have to force it back to the phone if that's what you really want.

    Ah well...thanks again...

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    I was listening to Pandora via bluetooth, got a phonecall, tapped the Pre screen green answer button and had to have the conversation with the handset. I usually can answer the call with the headset if I tap the headset answer button, but sometimes it doesn't work, perhaps due to a temporarily bad RF connection due to obsruction from my hand on the headset.

    Now that I know about the control heiarchy being dependent on which device answer button is actuated, I like the feature. I would like to see the Pre have a selectable auto answer feature, such as answer with headset after two rings. This provides more reliability on maintaining phone use with the headset, and reduces the need to use your hands to answer a call.
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    The thing about auto answer with headset is that sometimes I just don't want to answer the call. I'd rather just ignore it and let it go to voicemail.
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    So the Pre doesn't have the auto answer like the Treo did?
    I was looking for it and gave up.
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    I have a somewhat different problem: with both my Motorola H700 headset and T305 speakerphone, tapping the button does *not* reliably pick up calls. Outgoing calls work very well, but I'm really getting frustrated trying to successfully answer calls while handsfree in the car. Anyone have any good tips? Thanks. {ProfJonathan}
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    I have the Plantronics Pro now & it doesn't answer when the Pre rings.
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    Hmmm, my Plantronics Voyager Pro answers just fine if you tap the button on the side of the earpiece. It takes a few seconds, but then you hear some quick beeps in succession and you can start talking. As others said, however, if you tap on the Pre's screen to answer, the audio comes from the Pre's speaker.
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    Now the Pro answers calls I must have had the Pro off. oops.
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    Also when I forget I'm in BT mode and answere on my phone answer button, it answers to the phone but after about a minute it switches to blutooth. That's always fun. But over all my Jabra BT8040 works great. Small, music and video audio capable and same charger as phone.

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