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    I need to get a BT headset, and drive a convertible. The supplied headset is completely useless as it's impossible for the other person to hear anything except wind noise. Previously I had a treo755 and used a wired headset (shure quietspot boom) which worked excellently, even at freeway speeds with the top down - however that's not available for the Pre.

    What's the best BT headset in terms of working in windy conditions? I'm not worried about music, just phone calls. if it also came with an in-car charger that would be a nice bonus, but not required.

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    Either the Jawbone Prime or the Plantronics Voyager Pro.
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    thanks! just got the voyager pro from sprint. works very well!
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    Any static when putting your phone in your pocket?
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    haven't noticed it, but i only used it out of the car a couple times so far. in the car i have it in a dashboard holder so i can use it for navigation.

    it could do with being a little louder (for me) but it seems to be excellent for the other person - better than my wired shure headset was with the treo, even at freeway speeds with the top down.
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    Jawbone2 with a custom earmold from AverySound.

    I'm on my 2nd combo of this type. Lost the first one in a rental car :-( and ordered the same items again immediately. I have to turn the volume on the phone and Jawbone almost to the minimums. My wife only hears a loud car radio as background music while my voice is perfectly understandable.
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    I purchased the Blueant V1, Q1, Sound ID 300, Voyager Pro, and Jawbone Prime. The clear winner in incoming and outgoing sound quality was the Voyager Pro almost unanimously with my testers. I prefer the look and feel of the Sound ID 300 the best. However, callers don't really care how you look as much as they care about how you sound. Therefore, I am keeping the Voyager Pro and returning the rest of them.

    I really wish the Voyager Pro was smaller and looked less Borgish (Star Trek).
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    Just got the Jabra BT8040 and for $14.99 it's a winner. Has surprisingly good noise cancelling's $14.99! Here's the link, Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth Headset (Bulk Packaging): Electronics

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