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    I figured it was too good to be true for $12. you get a wall charger with USB cable, a 12v car charger with USB cable, a standalone USB cable, and a mag latch pouch with belt clip. Mainly I wanted a belt pouch rather than the little thing that came with the Pre and figured that even if none of the chargers worked, at least I got a pouch for $12 instead of the $20+ everyone else is charging.

    Two people before me reviewed it on Amazon and said none of the chargers worked with their Pre. I got mine and I can say that all of mine worked. The packaging shows that its all really for a Treo 800 (the stickers are mispelled Tero 800) and the pouch is a little too big for the Pre.

    My only compaint is the that Pre gets swallowed by the pouch since it is too big. So its a bit difficult sometimes to get the Pre out of the pouch without mashing a button. And if its ringing, you can hang up on someone by accident trying to get the phone out. I did order a claw grip case for the Pre and will use that once it comes in. But as I said, for $12 its worth it just for the chargers....assuming they work.

    Regardless, all my chargers worked when I got it I haven't had a problem with any of it after 2 weeks. I don't know if I'm lucky or the first reviewers simply got bad equipment. All I know is that for $12, I got chargers and a pouch that probably would have cost me $75+ in a Sprint store or online. Cell Phone Accessories Bundle for PALM PRE (Includes; Premium Leather Side Carry Case, Rapid Car Charger cla, Travel Home Wall Charger, USB Data Sync Cable) by Accessory Export: Cell Phones & Service is the link on Amazon and they show they are really moving the product from a company called BargainCell.

    I'm a phone user who was looking for a bargain and I guess I got lucky with this. Your mileage my vary, but my theory was that for $12 it was a worth seeing if it would pan out.
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    Looks like a good deal, but 3 of the 4 Amazon reviewers gave it one star and says it doesn't work.
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    And that was my reservations when I looked at it. After I got it and it worked, I placed my review. Somebody then commented on my review by saying that the original product was hard wired from wall transformer to the micro USB. The stuff I received was a transformer with full USB plub which you when plugged the USB cable into and then your Pre.

    So maybe the shipped out the wrong stuff or changed the design after the original reviewers received their stuff? I don't know. But I do know that for $12 I got a case, a car charger, a household AC charger, and 3 USB to micro-USB cables that all worked.
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    I lost he pouch that came with my palm pre!! I noticed you said you did not want yours.. I was wondering if you could possibly send it to me? It would be so great!!

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