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    So I've been anxiously waiting for my Palm Pre Slip case to arrive and it finally came today!

    I thought it was the best looking case for the Pre however I'm a bit dissapointed. It looks alright but when you put the Pre in the case the side that shows on the case doesnt really look nice, it actually seems like the Pre is too big for the case because the sides of the case dont stay flush against the Pre, they stick out. And actually the case with the Pre inside of it is quite a bit more bulky than the pouch ("sleeping bag") that comes with the Pre..Also..when the Pre is in the slip case its pretty darn difficult to remove the pre from the case. You have to put your fingers on both the top and bottom of the Pre to pull it out and makes me feel like I might damage the slider..

    anyways just thought I'd just post this in case anyone was excited about the Slip's not that great and if you're thinking about ordering one I'd suggest just sticking with the Pouch that comes with it: It's less bulky, feels better in your pocket, protects more of the phone and it's much easier to take the phone out of the pouch than it is to take it out of the slip case...

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    Hey...thanks much. I have been waiting for that case since it looked much sleeker than the Palm-branded Pre case with the flap that my wife uses...but you are right, I expected this one to be very compact with a nice flush fit. Thanks for saving me the time and hassle of ordering and returning.
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    I have felt a bit "meh" about it at times as well and might eventually go back to the original pouch. I have however found an easy way to get it out of the case. The phone will slide out with a pinch on the far opposite edges of the case with the opening facing down. (pinch with middle finger and thumb with your other hand underneath to catch it) If you need a picture demonstration, I can post one. It comes out rather easily this way rather than trying to pull it out. The plus to the case is that being leather instead of cloth, it "slips" into your pants pocket rather easily.
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    i had this same type of case with my nokia e71 and didnt like it at all crap got between the screen and sctarted making rub marks on my screen protector. i would never buy one like that

    using my acer aspire tethered to my palm pre
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    Thanks for the review and photos. It really looks cheesey with the phone in it. Think I'll skip it.
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    Glad I bought the leather case with the belt clip instead. Maybe they should have made the leather slip case in the same style (top loading vs. slide loading) as the pouch that is included?
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    This may sound like a stupid question, but is it possible that it fits better with the screen facing away from the logo on the outside? It looks like you have the screen facing out.

    Also, I would add that as bad as this case looks, the Palm side case is great! The pre fits in it perfectly, and it has a little tab and ribbon that you pull, lifting the pre out of the case about halfway so you can grab it. It has a magnetic closure, but it's very easy to get in and out of the case with one hand given a little bit of practice. It's like second nature to me by now. It's a shame the slip case isn't better.
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    Palm Side Leather Case is the way to go
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    Darn I was hoping this case would be a nice upgrade over the sleepingbag.

    Is there a nice case out there without a belt clip?
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    Indeed, the belt clip was the only thing that detracted me from getting the leather case.
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    Thanks for the review. I'm personally waiting for a holster that is a bit less expensive than the Palm branded one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maskedferret View Post
    Indeed, the belt clip was the only thing that detracted me from getting the leather case.
    Well, I can understand that. I will say that this is the best belt clip I've seen. It doesn't protrude much from the case at all, and is strong enough to just hang on your jeans waistband. But that probably doesn't matter to you if you don't like belt clips. Me, I'm a hard-core geek. I feel a bit naked without my utility belt.
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    So, it looks like a palm taco with extra Pre? Disappointing, but good to know.
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    Yeah I bought the Palm side leather case from bestbuy but returned it because I didn't like the belt clip. I prefer to keep the phone in my pocket and I've been looking for a nice slip case for the Pre but havne't found one. I was thinking about just going for the Seidio Innocase but I'm hesitant bc I mount my Pre using the Touchstone in my car and I've read that the case reduces the magnetic attract to the cherger....sigh...
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