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    Just got a new Plantronics Voyager Pro, which paired nicely with my Pre and works OK for calls, although I haven't tested it extensively yet. I'd assumed that Sprint Navigation would play its audio through the BT connection, but it's coming from the Pre's speaker. Is it supposed to work this way?

    And another question: can the Pre be set to turn on the BT radio automatically when a call comes in, or do you have to turn it on manually when you have the headset on?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    With my bluetooth stereo the calls come through no matter what function my stereo is in.
    But the gps won't play through the speakers unless I am in bt stereo mode... I can play mp3s and it will fade out for gps instructions.
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    Ah, so it seems to be the software looking for a particular BT profile. It seems silly to expect stereo for navigation, however.
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    I have hearing aids that have a bluetooth interface. I wear a Streamer which acts like a hands free device, and it streams the calls directly to hearing aids. The Streamer also interfaces with other bluetooth devices. The Pre have a few functions which turn on the bluetooth. It's annoying because it creates tunnel background noise. It works ok for features like videos and utube. It's REAL bad with the navigation functions! It keeps turning on all the time. It truns on and nothing's there but static. Hope they fix this.

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