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    This is just a rant but dammit i want to be able to secure my phone in my car without:

    A: leaving in in my leather side case (can't see it or use it)
    B: Leaving it on my seat ( i corner agressively!)
    C: Putting it on hard plastic in one of the many compartment (again hard cornering and scrathces)
    D: Buying a generic holder/windshield mount (i hate anything windshield related)

    Is proclip waiting to see the popularity of the pre before making these? i dont get why one isn't out already.

    And yes i could get the centro mount but if im paying $30 for the mount i want it made specific for the Pre.

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    If you're going to pay extra for a ProClip mount, how about one with a built-in Touchstone charger?

    Otherwise, there was a thread (link below) about a guy who used a ProClip base and just stuck a Touchstone to the base (without a separate phone-specific holder) with some really sticky (3M?) double-stick tape... :-)
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    I think this is the post...

    I can't post links yet, so I left off the part....
  4. #4 it's in their list of devices, but no device-specific holders yet. We're close!

    ProClip Mounting System*-*Device Holders
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    Also...from the UK distributor:

    Buy a Brodit Palm Pre Car Holder | UK
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    If you took that and mounted it on the proclip mount by the bottom hole and cut a notch in the top you could have a touchstone mounted flush with it. Just take some hard plastic or something with a hole in it so the mounting bolts go through the pre holder, plastic piece to hold the touchstone and then to the mount. Make any sense?..

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