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    Uodate: the monoprice charger doesn't work with the TS...It'll work if you charge the Pre directly, but gets very hot. I wonder if it's a smart usb adapter or if it just has a bunch of resistors inside...
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    I use the Sprint charger with the big yellow light on the end. It claims to put out 850 milliAmps. In my 2003 Volvo S60 it works fine to charge the Pre while doing Sprint Navigation. Unscientifically, I'd say the charge on the Pre goes up by 1% every few minutes while Navigation is running, but I haven't monitored it closer than that. I've never caught it not charging, seems to work reliably. This is in a car in Oklahoma in July (in other words the car has been at 90-100 degrees till I got back in and turned on the a/c) but the Pre has always been in my pocket as I go inside a store or whatever to do my business, so unlike its surroundings is pretty close to room temperature. I haven't tried anything more heavy-duty than running Navigation while charging. The charger was $25 at the Sprint store, it was the one they gave me when I asked for a car charger for the Pre, and appears to be the one commonly discussed here.

    I'm also lucky enough not to have any interference noise over my radio! Aren't I lucky?
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    My normal USB charger (That worked with my iPhone) does not charge the Pre properly. I went to the Sprint store and bought their Yellow Charger and it works, but my Pre get quite hot, a lot hotter than before and hotter than it gets at home. Also, I noticed that the Yellow Sprint Charger doesn't work properly with the TS. It looks like the end is too thick to properly fit.
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    I also do the whole nav/pandora/email thing on my Pre. The car charger I got was a generic brand microUSB charger from Walmart for $14. It gets the job done. I did a 6 hour drive this weekend with pandora playing and the gps lady whining and the charger kept the phone fully-charged. Phone can get pretty warm though, but not as hot as if you have it plugged into the wall at home and were watching YouTube videos or something.
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    I have been using a Motorola micro usb car charger with my touchstone with great results. With Nav and Pandora running it still charges like a champ.
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    I had a generic charger that would only sometimes recognize it when pluged in.. Got the 1A Palm charger and it doesn't seem to charge although it say's it is. I had a 3 hour drive the other day and didn't even use the phone and didn't recover from 20%... Was only 40% when I got home and I didn't use the phone, but did unplug it and plug it back in a few times to try getting a charge.
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    I have had several problems with the Sprint Charger (it was an added option when I purchased the Pre on its release day). At first it worked fine, then I noticed that the light on it was not illuminating anymore, but it was still "charging". Most recently on a road trip I realized that it was in fact draining the battery at an accelerated rate, so much so that I had to pull off at rest area whenever I could just to plug the phone in to charge it with the USB cable that I thankfully remembered to pack. I just recently purchased the PALM brand car charger and will see how well it works or does not work.
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    My Palm car charger works great with my TS, but a few months back I rented a Dodge Charger from Dollar and when I plugged my TS charger and Palm car charger in the Dodge's power port it did not put out enough juice to run my Touchstone charger.
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