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    I recently ordered the Boxwave Battery Adapter Pro for my Pre. Unfortunately, it does not work - no charge indicator on the Pre. That's despite being listed on Boxwave's site as compatible.

    Boxwave gladly issued an RMA for a full refund (and paid for return shipping), but just a warning for folks looking for a battery-based portable charger.
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    I was just checking into battery-powered USB chargers, and thought Boxwave's claim might be too good to be true. I wonder if they don't bother to regulate the voltage down to 5V, figuring 4 x 1.5V is close enough. (Perhaps that used to be the case, but not anymore?) I just took apart a similar device (4 AA, mfg unknown), and saw nothing beyond a switch, and, in a parallel circuit, an indicator LED and resistor.


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