I tried to photo journal my experience installing the Zagg InvisibleShield. I have really liked the InvisibleShield on my other devices so I thought I would try it on the Pre. In my experience Zagg makes a pretty quality product and it works very well at protecting against scratches. Not so well against major drops though so care is still required.

Install Part-1 The Front Cover:
I tried several times to get the film lined up perfectly so all the holes and edges would fit perfectly. After several tries it started to occur to me that the Shield does not fit perfectly no matter how hard you try. At least mine didn't, your millage may vary. The problem was a very small amount of the shield would protrude from the sides of the slider mainly. This was somewhat frustrating because it prevented a perfect fit and if any part of the shield is hanging over an edge it will just get caught on stuff and collect dirt. So, I was able to trim the edges pretty well using very sharp scissors by just following closely along the edges. I don't like having to do that with something new and not inexpensive but it worked pretty well. I will be contacting Customer Service and perhaps I will try a new shield if they provide me with one.

The Photo Journal:

Step 1: Clean the Pre thoroughly of dirt, lint and oils

I know this pictures looks like there is lint on the screen but there is not

Step 2: The Kit

Step 3: Prepare the face Shield

Remove the Face Shield from the rest of the kit and remove the holes for the microphone, earpiece and sensor.

Step 4: Be sure to use plenty of Spray

I spray my finger and even the front of the shield before removing it from the backing to reduce fingerprints and sticking

Step 5: Remove the backing

Spray the back as you go

Step 6: The Face Shield is ready to install

Spray the shield pretty thoroughly. Other forum members have reported issues post IS install that may be cause by spray getting into the electronics but I have not had that problem before or with the Pre.

Step 7: Install the Shield on the face of the Pre

Be careful to align the microphone and earpiece opening as closely as possible. If you do not align them correctly then the top or bottom edge of the shield will hang over. As stated before, for me the sides hang over a little bit anyways but the top and bottom are better fitting.

Step 8: Smooth out the bubbles w/ the squeegee

Only attempt to smooth out the face bubbles. Do not attempt to press down the sides until all the bubbles are gone and the sides dry a little bit.

You can see the bubbles are pretty much gone on the face:

The edges are still not attached yet but that's OK

Step 9: Smooth out the corners and sides

After more of the spray has dried the sides and corners will attach more easily. Smooth them out but don't force them. This is where the parts that hang over the slider start to become apparent.

Step 10: Trim the very small amount that hangs over the slider

You can see the small amount of overhang. Just follow the edge of the slider and trim it. A better installer might be able to get the shield to line up so there is no overhang but I tried multiple times to reinstall the face shield and there was always some overhang.

You can see how much was trimmed off:

I made several trims from pretty much 3 sides of the slider and 2 corners a bit

Step 11: Smooth everything out and let it dry overnight

As you can see there NO visible bubbles on the screen at all. The sides came out pretty well too. I am still going to try to see if Zagg has improved the tolerances or if I perhaps got a bad shield. Even still it came out pretty good in my view.

Part-II will be the back shield install.... but I don't predict it being nearly as complex.