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    I went into the Sprint store to return a car charger I had bought (much cheaper other places), and the rep was nice enough to let me look at the Touchstone charger.

    I had concerns that because I was using a Rocketfish snap-on case that it might not work. The rep let me put the Touchstone back on my phone, and then I snapped on the Rocketfish back.

    Because of the greater spacing, and the smoother texture of the Rocketfish case, and the weight of the phone, it wouldn't stay on the charger. The phone kept sliding off.

    Just an FYI if anyone was thinking about this combo.

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    I'm using the combo and my phone charges with the shell on and the phone on the touchstone.
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    Works for me too. I am using the rocketfish black case that came with a holster. The finish is matte so maybe that's why it works. You just have to place it just so... but after that, it's all good.
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    I can't seem to get one of the side clips near the keyboard to go into place with the touchstone back. What is the technique to getting the case to fit like it should? It charges ok, though.
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    Works for me too. Granted the Touchstone needs to be level ( same with the phone) but mine charges as well. I have the Rocketfish with no clip

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